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Northwest of Sacramento, California lies Yolo County and its largest city of Davis. Most people know about the city due to the University of California - Davis campus as it offers a quiet school atmosphere combined with its eco-friendly environment for people to relax in their laid-back lifestyles. It is considered a biking community. People enjoy riding their bikes along the flat streets to work or school.

Returning To A Life After Rehab

Davis has one rehabilitation facility that addresses drug and alcohol abuse in people of all ages. The Yolo County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Facility located on 600 A Street in Davis empowers people who became lost in substance abuse and leads them to a path of health and well-being. The health facility offers substance abuse treatment and mental health services for everyone including Spanish speakers. There are several different types of addiction treatment available including outpatient counseling, alternative treatment, and holistic rehabilitation methods.

Patients who arrived to Davis to be free from their addiction may decide to stay in Davis to begin their new lives. The city welcomes patients with open arms by offering unique employment and educational activities. Take the opportunity to advance an educational degree by taking classes at the University of California-Davis, D-Q University or at the other seven universities in the surrounding area. With dedication and focus, patients will be able to get the degree they rightfully deserve.

Once patients have their chosen degree, take advantage of the employment opportunities awaiting in Davis. The city has over 5,000 businesses with the most popular employment opportunities available in education, computers, technical services, engineering and sales. Patients who work in Davis can obtain a median household income of over $61,000.

Visiting Davis

Patients with family members coming out to see Davis can meet them at the two available private airports in the region: The University Airport or the Medlock Field Airport. Lodging is available throughout Davis for patients and their visitors. Patients may wish to stay at the following hotels or motels when family visits or to save money so they can purchase their first home.

  • Hallmark Inn
  • Days Inn
  • Comfort Suites
  • Palm Court Hotel
  • Motel 6
  • Davis Inn
  • University Inn Bed & Breakfast

There will be plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the sites around Davis. Spend time at the park enjoying sports and other outdoor activities. Davis has 9 different parks including Central park, Hill Park, Civic Center Park, Cedar Park, and Dewey Halden Field. The scenic views are always beautiful as the temperate weather will have everyone outside enjoying the weather all year round. Summers are dry and hot as the high 80-degree and 90-degree temperatures make people look for a cool spot to relax. Yet the springtime and autumn seasons are absolutely wonderful in the mid 70-degree range. Winters usually range in the 50-degree temperatures as a few rain showers may appear in the sky.

Seeking the road free of addiction is available in Davis. Come to this wonderful city and begin a new life here after the rehabilitation ends.

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