Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Corning, California

The Tehama County community of Corning, California is home to 7,663 people. The major industry of the region is olive growing, which is celebrated every fall with the Corning Olive Festival, the oldest olive festival in the country. Yet even with this rich agricultural heritage, many people in Corning find themselves battling addiction.

Rehab Centers In Corning, California

There is currently at least one addiction treatment center located in Corning: Tehama County Health Services Agency.

Tehama County Health Services Agency

Tehama County Health Services Agency has an office in Corning that offers screening, assessment, and education services for those battling addiction. This outpatient and intensive outpatient program offers gender-specific treatment and treatment for co-occurring disorders. Support groups are also provided to help the individual through the treatment process.

Rehab Centers Near Corning, California

In addition to the facilities in Corning, those seeking addiction treatment can get help in nearby communities like Orland and Chico.

Community Recovery And Wellness Center, Orland, California

The Glenn County Health and Human Services department offers substance abuse services through their Community Recovery and Wellness Center in Orland. This is an adult outpatient program using individual and group counseling as well as crisis intervention. Families of those who are dealing with addiction may also receive counseling services.

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Northern Valley Indian Health, Chico, California

The Chico Clinic of the Northern Valley Indian Health facility offers mental health services, including help for substance abuse. This facility offers individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and several types of play therapy. This facility is focused on primarily serving the unique needs of Native American populations.

Aegis Treatment Centers, Chico, California

Aegis Treatment Centers in Chico offers treatment for opioids that is effective and fast. The treatment uses a mixture of counseling and medication to control withdrawal symptoms, with a team that works tirelessly to help patients achieve success. The vast majority of patients at Aegis are able to become drug-free within 90 days of starting treatment.

Substance Abuse In Corning & Tehama County

The people of Corning and the rest of Tehama County take addiction very seriously. The community is cracking down on substance abuse and looking for effective solutions to help reduce addiction rates. Here are some statistics from Tehama County:

  • From 2012-2014, 9 people in Tehama County died due to opioid-induced problems.
  • The county had the 28th highest death rate during that time frame for all types of drugs.
  • Tehama County has 1,120 opioid prescriptions prescribed for every 1,000 people who live in the county.
  • That rate of opioid prescription was 1.8 times the rate in California as a whole.

Traveling For The Best Program

Effectively battling addiction starts with finding the right program, and oftentimes that program is not located close to home. Those who are willing to travel for treatment will often be more successful because they will have more opportunities for specialized treatment. Leaving Corning and even the state of California can increase the chances of finding the right program.

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