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Transitioning out of a residential rehabilitation center can be overwhelming. Colusa, California is a small, welcoming community that is ideal for making these types of transitions. Offering beautiful views, access to treatment facilities, and numerous employment opportunities, Colusa has everything needed to help you succeed at sober living.

Colusa Airport Information

Whether you are traveling to Colusa or have friends and family that wish to visit, the closest airport to the area is Sacramento International Airport. Located 43 miles from the city center, Sacramento International Airport provides quick, easy access to the city of Colusa.

No matter what city friends/family members are coming in from, Sacramento International Airport will have a flight to accommodate them. There are over 350 daily flights to and from major cities all across the United States.

Weather In Colusa

Summers are a real treat for those living in Colusa. The temperatures are typically warm, but comfortable. Temperatures will rarely go above 75 degrees during the summer. Some days it may go above 85, but those days are rare.

Considering the cooler, comfortable temperatures, the area rarely experiences rain during the summer months. Rain fall during July, August and September barely goes above an inch.

Winters are cool. Below freezing temperatures are rarities, as the average temperature between December and February is 45 degrees. Occasional rain showers do happen during the winter, but for the most part it is overcast and/or sunny yet cool.

Rehabilitation Centers

Colusa only has one addiction treatment center, but it provides valuable services to teens, men and women who are currently battling addictions or trying to maintain a life of sobriety. The Colusa County Department of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse has the clinical and medical staff to help current and former addicts.

People who are currently battling addictions, whether it is alcohol or drugs, can benefit from the treatment programs that are available through this facility. These treatment programs focus upon finding the cause of addictions and teaching ways to cope. This treatment program does not only focus on addictions, but dual-diagnosis treatment too for those who are battling addictions and mental illness.

The Colusa County Department of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse also provides outpatient counseling treatment. Group and individual counseling is necessary for people who are transitioning out of a residential rehabilitation center as it provides them with the support and coping mechanisms needed to succeed.

Lodging In Colusa

The hotels and motels available to visitors in Colusa are all independently run. The city is extremely small, so those who wish to stay in chain hotels/motels will need to visit the surrounding cities for accommodations. Those who wish to stay in Colusa will find warm, comfortable accommodations at the Colusa Riverside Inn, River Valley, Lodge, and Colusa Motel.

Employment Opportunities

There are several unique employment opportunities available to those living or staying in Colusa. The Sunsweet Dryers provides agricultural jobs to the area, as it is a major supplier and shipper of fruits and vegetables.

Other major employers include Colusa County and Colusa Regional Medical Center. The Ricebend Rice Mill also provides a number of manufacturing jobs in the area.

  • Colusa County Dept of Behavioral Health/Sub Abuse
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
    • Addiction treatment for men
    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • Outpatient counseling treatment

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