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4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Carmichael, California

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When it comes to finding the right treatment center, Carmichael, California can be a great choice for many seeking recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Airport Information

The closest airport to Carmichael is the Sacramento International Airport. That's a great choice, because it's easy to fly into and out of. Many commercial flights go there from all over the country, allowing you to get to your treatment center no matter where you're traveling from. Once you get to the airport, you can take a taxi or other form of transportation to the treatment center or the lodgings you've chosen.

The Weather

In Carmichael, you'll find that the weather is generally very mild. In the wintertime, you won't have snow and ice to deal with. A light jacket should be enough, and you can avoid struggling with problematic winter weather that's often found in other parts of the country. The summer months bring warm, dry weather. You may also experience some monsoon rain storms in July and August, but most days will still be dry and sunny. The weather is a big part of why people come to the Carmichael area, and you can make it a great part of your stay.

Finding Your Treatment Center

Bi Valley Medical Clinic is the treatment center in Carmichael. It offers outpatient care only, and is not set up for inpatient services. By attending there, you can get substance abuse treatment, along with detox, holistic treatments, methadone maintenance, methadone detox, and buprenorphine services. That gives you a number of options to treat your particular issue, so you can get the help and support you need.There is a sliding fee scale for those who cannot afford treatment, and Medicaid is accepted, as well. Many pregnant and postpartum women seek out the facility for their substance abuse treatment.

Lodging Services

There are many motels and other lodging services in and around Carmichael. The Ranch Motel, Vince's Motel, Casa Linda Motel, Super 8, and others are all available in the area, so you can definitely find a great place where you can be comfortable. Affordability is also important, and there are many motels that will provide you with lower rates if you stay for a long time. Extended stay options can be excellent choices for those in outpatient treatment, or for those who get out of inpatient treatment and need a place to stay afterward.

Carmichael Employment

One of the things you can do in the Carmichael area is find a job. There are great opportunities there for employment. You may want to work around your outpatient treatment schedule, like many people do. By getting out into the community and making friends with some local people, you may be more likely to have job opportunities, but you don't necessarily have to wait a long time. You can also apply to any listings you find in the newspaper, online, or just from spending time in the local businesses and seeing that they need new employees. Before you know it, you'll be able to start rebuilding some of what addiction tried to take from you.

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