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If you're looking for a great place to spend time while you're getting substance abuse treatment, Campo, California may be the right choice for you.

Campo Airport Information

The closest major airport to Campo is the San Diego International Airport. From there, it's only a short trip to the Campo area and the treatment center you've selected. That makes it easy to fly in and out, and travel around the area without any hassle. Being able to get to and from your treatment center is very important, so you don't end up stressed out during a time that's designed for healing.

Check The Weather

Before you head to Campo, make sure you take a look at the weather report. If you're going there in the summertime, the weather will likely be warm and dry. There are occasional monsoon rains that come through in July and August, though, so it's important to be prepared for those if you're going to be there during those months. If you're going to Campo in the winter, you can expect very mild weather. Snow and ice are for other places, and you may only need a light jacket. Be sure to check the forecast, though, so you can feel comfortable during your stay.

Getting The Right Treatment Center

The right treatment center is vital to getting strong and healthy again, and to learning the tools to stay that way. In Campo, you'll find San Diego Freedom Ranch, Inc. You can get residential care there, and long-term treatment is available. In addition to proper substance abuse treatment, the center serves as a halfway house. That can allow you to really get through a good course of treatment and get back on your feet before you'll need to move out.

Lodging In Campo

When you do move out into Campo, you'll want to find great lodging. Pine Valley Inn Motel, Back Country Inn, Old Oaks Inn, and Laguna Mountain Lodge are all in the area. If you check with them, they may offer discounts for people who want to stay long term. There are also campgrounds, if you'd prefer to stay in a cabin or other type of facility instead of a motel room. With all the options, you're sure to find something that's comfortable and fits your budget, so you can start your transition from the treatment center back out into the community.

Finding A Job Nearby

You can also find a job in or around Campo. There are two great ways to do that. One of those is to check online job boards like Indeed and Monster, where you can see what's available in your area and even apply right from the comfort of your lodgings. Another way is to get out into the community and start getting to know people. The more people you talk to, the more business owners you can come in contact with. If they know of you, they're more likely to think of you when they have a job opening and need a new employee.

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