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Camarillo, California is home to numerous parks, outdoor activities, and a mild climate that makes it very appealing to people from a variety of backgrounds. For those struggling with substance abuse who realize that they need to enter rehab, selecting the right location for treatment can be very important. Climate, job prospects, and even the accessibility of the area can impact the patient's success rate. There are many factors that patients should consider when they are investigating different rehab options. Here is what patients and their families should know about Camarillo.

Getting There

Airports are important for rehab patients and their support system to reach Camarillo. The nearest airport to the city is the Bob Hope Airport, which is 45 miles away. The second closest airport would be the the Los Angeles International Airport, which is 53 miles away. Many travelers will prefer this option because the larger airport offers more flights and airlines.

Staying There

Loved ones coming to Camarillo to visit patients in rehab will also be interested in learning about the area's hotels and other lodging options. Hotels and inns in the area can range in price from less than $100 to well over $200. The Days Inn Camarillo Ventura offers rooms starting at just $67 and The Glen Tavern Inn has rooms starting at $78. Those looking for more amenities may enjoy hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel in the area, which has rooms starting at $245.

The Environment

Climate can have an important impact on rehab patients as well because weather has been shown to impact mood and other aspects of health. Patients should always consider the weather and their personal preferences when looking at a location. Camarillo has relatively consistent temperatures year round, with the coolest month being March with an average high of 65 degrees F. August and September are the warmest, with average highs of about 74 degrees F. December through March sees the most rain, with May through October seeing almost none.

Job Opportunities

Finding gainful employment after rehab is an important step in gaining stability and reintegrating with society. Major employers in the area include communications companies, the area's hospitals, the local campus of California State University, and the local schools. Cashiers, administrative positions, and retail positions are regularly available.

Rehab Options

In addition to finding the right location, it is also important to find the right treatment facility. Within Camarillo itself, there is Alcoholics Anonymous, which offers counseling for those struggling with substance abuse on an outpatient basis. The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department in Oxnard is less than 10 miles from the city and offers outpatient addiction treatment as well as day treatment. The Wildwood Recovery Center in Thousand Oaks is less than 10 miles away as well and offers inpatient rehab on a short term and long term basis as well as outpatient treatments.

Entering rehab is the chance for many patients to change their lives for the better and begin working towards a successful future. Patients should evaluate if Camarillo, California is the right place for them.

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