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When you're looking for a good treatment program, consider traveling to Burney. You'll be able to find what you need and get back to living your life.

The Burney Airport

While there isn't an airport right in Burney, you can easily fly into Redding Municipal Airport. From there, you can take a taxi or arrange other transportation, so you can get to the treatment facility you've selected or to your lodgings. It's not a long drive, and Redding is an easy airport to get in and out of in most cases. You'll have the convenience of a smaller airport, while still getting all the travel options you really need.

Checking The Weather

The weather in Burney is typical of much of California. During the summer months, it's generally hot and dry. There are monsoon rains in July and August, though, so you should be prepared for some rainy conditions if you're arriving during that time. In the winter, you'll be treated to generally mild temperatures, and shouldn't expect snow and ice. While storms can occur, they're generally below severe limits and don't last too long. If you check the weather before you travel and dress accordingly, you should be ready for your stay without any trouble.

Finding A Treatment Center

Pit River Health Service, Inc. can be found in Burney. It provides outpatient care only, and focuses on substance abuse treatment and buprenorphine services. If you have detox issues or mental health concerns that come along with your substance abuse, you can also get treatment there. Mental health is often a large part of addiction problems, and Pit River Health Service, Inc. understands that working with both areas often produces the most success. For those who need inpatient services, however, another location will be required.

Motels In The Area

The Burney Motel, Burney Falls Lodging, Himont Motel, Sleepy Hollow Lodge, and other motels are all located in the area, so you'll have some choices. You may want to talk to them about discounted rates. If you're staying a while, many motels will provide you with a lower per-night rate, or may have a weekly or monthly rate that is considerably less. While you're undergoing your outpatient treatment you'll need a place to stay, but it's important to save money at the same time. With motels that offer discounts for longer stays, you can definitely get a great place at a lower price.

Locating Employment In Burney

Another thing you can do while you're in outpatient treatment is work. Many people do this, and it's a great way to start rebuilding some of what you may have lost to addiction. You can work around your treatment hours, and there are several ways to find a job that suits you and that you enjoy. Sites like Monster and Indeed are good for seeing what's available in the area, and you can apply for many jobs right from your lodgings. You can also spend time out in the community, as getting to know people can help you find a job when businesses need new employees.

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