Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Bishop, California

Bishop is located in northern Inyo County nestled in the foothills of the dramatic Sierra Nevada mountains. With about 3,800 residents, Bishop also has surrounding smaller communities which bring the total population to this portion of Inyo County to more than 14,000 people. Bishop is also home to a variety of alcohol and drug rehab centers dedicated to helping individuals achieve sobriety one again.

Rehab Centers In Bishop, California

Located on US 395 in the eastern Sierra, Bishop is on a well-traveled highway that runs through an isolated area. The community has two addiction treatment centers.

Rehab Centers Near Bishop, California

Bishop is located in the eastern Sierra and residents in need of residential substance use disorder treatment will need to travel north to Lake Tahoe or southwest to Bakersfield for residential drug and alcohol rehab center options.

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Substance Abuse In Bishop & Inyo County

Bishop is located in Inyo County on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Here are some addiction-related facts from Bishop and Inyo County:

  • The supervisor of Inyo County’s Drug and Alcohol Program told The Sheet News that “in the last couple of years, we have just seen an explosion with opioids.”
  • Inyo County residents are seeking help for misuse of prescription painkillers like OxyContin.
  • Substance use in the area has changed from methamphetamines to opioids during a 13 period.
  • Inyo County had the highest rate of opioid deaths of any county in California in 2016.

Traveling For The Best Program

Bishop residents live in a remote area and must drive more than 130 miles to access residential treatment services in Bakersfield or, alternatively, drive a similar distance north to Lake Tahoe. Traveling out of state can also provide more options, so residents aren’t limited when searching for the program. For more information, contact

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