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Bell, California is a suburb of Los Angeles. This tiny city only consists of 2.5 square miles, but it boasts a teeming population of about 35,000 people. It is considered one of the smallest cities in the United States with a population size that is still large and urban, making it a unique place to recover from an addiction to alcohol. People who are looking to live near a big city while still enjoying the ambiance of an intimate community during their recovery journey will love Bell.


Given its close proximity to Los Angeles, it's quite convenient to get to Bell. The closest major airport to this tiny city is the Long Beach Airport. This domestic airport is located just 16 miles outside of the city's borders. In addition, international travelers can utilize Los Angeles International Airport, which is about 21 miles outside of Bell.


Like the rest of the Los Angeles area, the residents of Bell enjoy pristine weather throughout the entire year. Bell is known for its abundant sunshine and balmy temperatures. Winter temperatures hover around 70 degrees, while summer temperatures linger into the high 80s and low 90s. People who are recovering from their addiction to drugs and alcohol often prefer to go to a place with a desirable climate, because it allows them to feel comfortable and happy while they take on the challenge of becoming permanently sober.

Recovery Centers In Bell

There is one major alcohol treatment recovery center located in Bell. This center services the entire city, but it also is known for attracting people from the surrounding region. The Salvation Army Bell Wellness Center is a residential treatment facility for patients who are battling substance abuse and want to achieve long-term sobriety. The programs that are offered at this facility last for 60, 90, or 120 days, ensuring that the majority of patients who complete their programs here enjoy the success that they desire. In addition, this facility aims to provide extra support for its graduates through aftercare treatment programs. The center offers half-way houses and sober living facilities for those who feel they need extra support after their initial recovery program is complete.

Hotels And Motels

Bell may be small in size, but it is not without its amenities. New residents and visitors to this community will find that there are several hotels and motels available for them to stay in if they so choose. Some of the hotels in Bell include the Bell Motel, the Atlantic Bell Hotel, the Bell Resort Hotel, and the Bell Manor Motel.

Economic Development For Job Opportunity

The city of Bell enjoys the benefits of being located just outside of Los Angeles, with many people commuting into the major metropolis for their jobs. However, this community also offers job opportunities in the hospitality and retail industry. Its local government is still rebounding from a financial scandal, but the residents are able to find secure and stable employment in the region. This is ideal for those who are hoping to start fresh after their recovery program is complete.

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