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Selecting the right environment can be crucial for those going through rehab. Aptos, California is a small city with a population of around 25,000 people. It offers beaches and waterways for those who love the outdoors as well as many of the amenities associated with a city, without the potential overcrowding of large cities. Those who are considering entering rehab should consider many factors when choosing the right place to begin treatment. Here is what patients and their loved ones should know about Aptos, California.

Getting To Aptos

Those going through rehab in Aptos should be familiar with the areas airports in case they or their support system need to travel in or out of the area. The nearest airport to Aptos is Monterey Regional Airport, which is just 35 miles from the city. The next closest airport would be the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, which is just 40 miles away. Given the prominence of the San Jose Airport, many people would prefer using that airport for convenience and more airline options.

Staying In The area

Those coming to Aptos to visit love ones in rehab will want to have a familiarity with the area's hotels so they can find comfortable lodging. Fortunately, there are a number of hotels and motels in the area. The Motel 6 in the area has rooms starting as low as $105 per night. Hotels that offer more amenities can be much more expensive, such as the Coastview Inn, which offers rooms starting at $209 per night, or the Chaminade Resort & Spa, which offers rooms at $239 per night.

Aptos' Weather

Weather can impact patient's moods and even their outlook, so it is important to find a city that has the type of weather most agreeable for the patient. Aptos has relatively consistent weather year round. The summers tend to be mildly warm and the winters very mild. The summer months of June through September have average highs of 75 or 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest months of December and January, however, still have highs of around 62 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

Job Opportunities

Jobs can greatly impact a patient's success after they finish their rehab. The area is home to a community college, parks and resorts, and retail establishments, all of which offer some types of employment. Current job opportunities include positions such as working with FedEx, administrative support at various establishments, and positions in child care.

Rehab Options

In addition to finding a good city for rehab treatment, it is also important to find the right program to complete. Most of the area's rehab options are located in the neighboring city of Santa Cruz. One major program is Janus of Santa Cruz, which offers inpatient rehab on both a short term and long term basis, day treatment, and outpatient treatment. They also serve as a halfway house and can help with detox. The Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center is also nearby and offers outpatient counseling and help with substance abuse.

When patients make the decision to enter rehab, they are opening themselves up to a life changing choice. Selecting the right rehab and city can have an impact on success, so patients should make their decision carefully. Review the above information and decide if Aptos, California is the right place.

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