Top 4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Near Alta, California

A small unincorporated community with a population of just over 600, Alta, California is located in picturesque Placer County surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains. For those with addiction, alcohol and drug rehab centers are located nearby.

Rehab Centers In Alta, California

Because Alta, California is such a small village, there isn’t a single rehab center in the 2.4-square mile region. Fortunately, it’s located within the more populous Placer County, which has plenty of resources for residents in need of addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers Near Alta, California

Placer County is home to nearly 350,000 residents in a historic region known as Gold Country, made famous during the 1849 California Gold Rush. Today, the county is home to several addiction treatment centers focused on improving mental health and well-being.

Community Recovery Resources, Grass Valley, California

Community Recovery Resources offers specialized outpatient programs like Mothers in Recovery (MIR), mental health services, criminal justice services, and intervention services. The center can also help individuals find supportive transitional housing, adolescent treatment and prevention programs, and life skills services.

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Common Goals, Grass Valley, California

Common Goals is a community-based program that creates individualized treatment programs for each person. Services include group and individual counseling, sober living facilities, and 12-step-based treatment. Programs can last anywhere from three to twelve months and can be specialized for adolescents, individuals struggling with anger management, and married couples.

Chapa-De Indian Health, Auburn, California

Chapa-De Indian Health provides a variety of health-related services primarily to the Native American community in the Alta area. The experienced team at Chapa-De provides screenings, interventions, education, and referrals for individuals with addiction. The center also offers medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders, which includes behavioral assessment and care, as well as weekly stabilization group visits.

Progress House, Garden Valley, California

Progress House oversees eleven separate sites located on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The program features a detox center for men, a women and children’s residential facility, a counseling center, and transitional living facilities. Each individual is first evaluated to determine the appropriate level of intensity and length of time for treatment.

Substance Abuse In Alta & Placer County

Prescription drug abuse is one of the biggest drug-related health issues plaguing the entire state of California, and Placer County residents have been significantly affected by this recent trend. Here are some statistics:

  • The number of drug poisoning death per 100,000 population was 122 for Placer County from 2012-2014.
  • The number of drug overdose-related deaths in Placer County increased by more than 200% from 2009 to 2013, according to a 2017 report from the Placer County Health and Human Services Department.
  • The same report found that opioid-related deaths rose 86% over the period, primarily due to heroin and other opioid pharmaceuticals.

Traveling For The Best Program

Since Alta, California has limited resources for substance abuse recovery, it would be best to speak with an experienced treatment specialist to determine which program is the most appropriate. Although traveling out of state might be slightly less convenient, it can be an effective way to find a program customized to the person’s needs.

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