Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Mount Ida, Arkansas

Mount Ida, Arkansas--the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World--is located on the banks of Collier Creek. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the mountain locale of this rural town. When you are thinking about where to go for treatment from drugs or alcohol, put Mount Ida at the top of your list thanks to the following information.

Airport Information

The only airport in Mount Ida is Bearce Airport. While this is a small-scale airport with only one runway, you do have the ability to travel via air to and from Mount Ida. Do you want to have access to transportation while you are in rehab in Mount Ida? Whether you need to travel for work or pleasure, you'll have the option thanks to Bearce Airport.


In Mount Ida, Arkansas, the weather is characteristic of a mountain locale. Here you will see average temperatures in the summer of 80 degrees F. Meanwhile in the winter time temps drop on average to the 20s, followed by the chance of 1 to 2 inches of snow. Mount Ida experiences a substantial amount of precipitation with up to 6 inches of moisture on average for May and November. August is typically the driest month with an average of 2.5 inches. If you are planning to come to rehab in Mount Ida, opt for the spring or fall seasons when the temperatures are the mildest.

Drug Abuse Information & Rehabilitation Centers

The Quapaw House in Mount Ida, Arkansas provides treatment services for drugs and alcohol for the entire family. You'll find child care, adolescent treatment and adult services at the Quapaw House, also known as DG Dunston Adolescent Center. For adolescents in particular, the Quapaw House offers long-term residential treatment program. Look for psychological health care related to drug and alcohol treatment at this all-inclusive facility. Consider this licensed and highly qualified treatment provider for your upcoming stay in rehab for abuse or addiction. From substance abuse treatment to holistic care, patients have several routes to take in their recovery process.


For your stay in Mount Ida, whether you need a home before your rehab stay or during outpatient care, there are many options for lodging. Check out the Royal Oak Inn, which has a small town charm common to Mount Ida. At the Crystal Inn Motel and Restaurant you will find everything you need to make your stay in Mount Ida more comfortable. They even have an outdoor swimming pool, the perfect place to soak in the sun while reinvigorating your senses. The Aqua Motel is a family operated establishment that has up to four units available. Conveniently located half a mile from Lake Ouachita, the Aqua Motel is a fabulous place to begin your journey to a better and healthier you.

Employment Opportunities

The top jobs found in Mount Ida are in the truck driving, retail sales and miscellaneous sales industries. If you are looking for manufacturing work during your outpatient program, check out the jobs for metal and plastic workers, which make up 5 percent of the total employment. Other jobs available are in the fishing, hunting, forestry and logging industries. Four percent of all residents of Mount Ida are categorized as religious workers, which may be a field you want to consider as you move forward in your recovery program.

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