2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Nogales, Arizona

The county seat of Santa Cruz County, Nogales is a large city with a population of over 1 million people. For people who are planning to begin a treatment program in Nogales or visit a patient who is already in treatment, some information about the area is included below.

Nearest Airport

For those who are planning to fly into the area, the nearest airport is the Tucson International Airport, which is located approximately 53 miles from Nogales. The next closest airport is the Hermosillo Airport, which is 155 miles away from your final destination.

Typical Weather

Nogales has a seasonal weather pattern with hot summers and cool winters. In the summer months, average highs are in the 90s. In the winter months, however, lows can fall into the 20s. The coldest months in Nogales occur in December and January, while the hottest months occur in June and July.

Nogales is relatively dry during most of the year, with the exception of July and August. During these months, Nogales receives more than 4 inches of rainfall. All other months receive between 0.27 and 1.60 inches of precipitation.

Rehab Centers in Nogales

There aren't many alcohol addiction treatment centers located within the borders of Nogales. However, there are plenty of facilities available in the nearby city of Tucson. Some of these facilities are listed below.

Sierra Tucson Drug Rehab Treatment Center

The Sierra Tucson Rehab Treatment Center has been actively treating addiction and other related conditions for more than 30 years. All of this facility's treatment programs are supported by research and advanced neuropsychiatric care. The main mode of treatment at this facility is holistic in nature. However, traditional treatment modalities are also utilized.

Amity Circle Tree Ranch

Also located in Tucson, the Amity Circle Tree Ranch operates a holistic addiction treatment program geared toward individuals who are addicted to alcohol or other controlled substances. This facility's program is unique in that it focuses on the factors that lead to the development of alcoholism, as well as the side effects of the condition.

Cottonwood Tucson

Cottonwood is a facility in Tucson that offers addiction and behavioral health treatment services. This facility provides treatment to both adults and young adults. The primary objective of this treatment center is to address the addiction itself, along the underlying problems that caused it to develop.


Whether you have recently exited a treatment program or are visiting a patient who is currently enrolled, the following hotels can provide lodging during your stay in Nogales.

  • Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Quality Hotel Americana
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Motel 6

Employment Opportunities

For patients who decide to make a home in Nogales after treatment is complete, many different employment options are available. In Nogales itself, residents can find employment in every industry from retail to recreation. Nogales is also located very close to Tucson, which offers even more employment opportunities.

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