Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Douglas, Arizona

Douglas is an Arizona city located in Cochise County. With a strong history of mining and a shared border with Mexico, Douglas in an interesting place to visit. If you are planning to enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment program near Douglas, or if you are visiting a patient there, check out the useful information below.

Nearest Airport

Individuals planning to fly into the area should try to book their arrival for the Tucson International Airport, which is approximately 98 miles from the city of Douglas. The next closest airport is the Silver City Grant County Airport, which is 121 miles away in New Mexico.

Typical Weather

The weather in Douglas is seasonal and moderately warm. In summer, temperatures frequently climb into the high 90s, while the average lows in winter never drop below 30 degrees. The coolest temperatures occur during the months of December and January, while the warmest temperatures occur during June and July.

The climate in Douglas is fairly dry during most months. The largest amount of precipitation falls during July and August, when monthly averages are approximately 3 inches. The least amount of precipitation occurs in April, with as little as 0.23 inches of precipitation expected each year.

Rehab Centers in Douglas

Douglas isn't home to many alcohol addiction treatment centers. However, you can find several different facilities in the nearby city of Tucson. Some of these facilities are listed below.

Sierra Tucson Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Located in Tucson, the Sierra Tucson Rehab Treatment Center has been treating addiction and other chronic conditions for the last 30 years. All treatment programs are backed by research and supported by the best neuropsychiatric care. The primary approach to treatment at this facility is holistic in nature, but traditional treatment modalities are also integrated.

Cottonwood Tucson

Also located in Tucson, Cottonwood offers addiction and behavioral health treatment services. This facility offers treatment to both adults and young adults. The main goal of this treatment center is to treat the addiction itself, as well as the underlying problems that contributed to its development.

Amity Circle Tree Ranch

The Amity Circle Tree Ranch offers a holistic addiction treatment program to individuals who are addicted to alcohol or other controlled substances. The curriculum at this facility is unique in that it focuses on the side effects and driving factors behind the development of alcoholism.


Addiction treatment patients and their visitors can choose from the following lodging options in the area surrounding Douglas, Arizona.

  • Best Western Inn and Suites Douglas
  • Gadsden Hotel
  • Motel 6 Douglas

Employment Opportunities

Some patients may decide to make their home in Douglas after completing an addiction treatment program. In such cases, the patient may need to find employment. Employment opportunities for patients exiting treatment in the town of Douglas may be available in the retail, services, entertainment and recreation industries. The community of Douglas is also home to several cultural and historical attractions that may be hiring. Other opportunities may be available in nearby towns.

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