Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Unalaska, Alaska

If you’re traveling to Unalaska for rehabilitation services, it’s important to learn about the city and the environment, to make the most of your time there.

Getting to and From the Airport

The Unalaska airport is also referred to as the Dutch Harbor airport, and it’s the perfect place to fly into. You’ll need to take a small, commuter plane, though. Like many cities in Alaska, Unalaska doesn’t have an airport large enough for full-sized commercial jets. There are many experienced pilots who fly smaller planes all throughout Alaska, so you won’t have a problem getting a flight to where you need to be.

Make Sure You Know the Weather Report

Alaska’s weather can be cold and unforgiving at times, but it can also be very beautiful. Since summers are short and winters can be long, dark, and cold, you’ll want to make sure you check the weather before you leave and bring the proper clothing for your stay. You can also get some warm clothing after you get there, if you don’t have a lot of winter clothes. It’s important that you’re properly dressed so you can stay healthy and enjoy all that Unalaska has to offer.

Places to Stay Can Help You Feel at Home

While you’re in Unalaska, you’ll need a great place to stay, as well. You can find hotel and motel lodging options, so you can feel comfortable in your new place. The Grand Aleutian Hotel is there, along with Unisea Inn. Both are in Dutch Harbor, which is extremely close to Unalaska and makes for an easy commute. If you have friends and family who have come along to support you, they’ll also need a safe and comfortable place where they can stay while you’re getting treatment. Then you can all explore the area together, and take in the beautiful sights.

Working in Unalaska

There are employment opportunities to be considered in and around Unalaska. One of the most common choices is working out of the Dutch Harbor area. Many people fish from that point, and they head out to the open sea to hunt crab and other ocean-dwelling creatures. That kind of work can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. It isn’t for everyone, and there are also options that don’t require you to leave the dock. Working on the dock and in the retail shops that are used by the fisherman and related tradespeople can also be a good choice for someone who wants a job in the Unalaska area. The options can be unique, but they’re definitely available.

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