Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Shungnak, Alaska

Imagine a small town lifestyle that provides the opportunity to recover from substance abuse or the challenges associated with assisting a loved one through recovery. Shungnak, Alaska is a small rural location that offers the chance to start fresh in an environment that is very different from an urban setting. Explore the beauty of the natural surroundings and enjoy the peace that is available in the far north.


Although Shungnak is a small town with a population that is less than 300 according to City Data, there is a local airport that is close enough for convenient transportation. The Shungnak Airport is less than one mile west of the center of town.

Additional airports are available within a short drive of the city as well. The Kobuk Airport is 6.5 miles to the east of the town and the Dahl Creek Airport is 7.5 miles to the north-east of Shungnak.

Weather Conditions

The average temperatures in the small town can range significantly throughout the year. According to Weather Spark, the temperature can range from -22 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 69 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Although the temperatures can fall as low as -41 in the winter, it is rare for the temperatures to drop further.

During the summer months, the weather conditions are generally mild and comfortable. Weather Spark states that it rarely gets above 73 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, so the temperatures are comfortable.

Substance Abuse Recovery

If you are planning to visit the small town in an effort to recover from substance abuse, then it may not be the best location.


Since there are no hotels or inns within the small town, it may be necessary to rent an apartment during a visit to the area. The availability of rental apartments can be limited, so it may not be convenient to visit the area.

Individuals who are planning to visit the small town should consider lodgings in other towns. The drive can be significant, but there are hotel accommodations in more urban locations.

Employment Opportunities

The employment opportunities that are available in the small town can be limited. According to City Data, retail trade is the primary employment option within the area. Transportation and utility industries also provide employment in the small town. A small percentage of employment opportunities may be available in the healthcare industry.

Shungnak, Alaska is a small town that offers a rural setting and a peaceful environment. Although it may not be the best location for addiction treatment, it can be a good place to visit or live after recovering from substance abuse and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle because of the different environment that it provides.

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