Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Kodiak, Alaska

Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Kodiak, Alaska

Few places on earth can offer the pristine beauty of untouched nature next to communities that have been inhabited for 70000 years the way Kodiak, Alaska can. As the main community on Kodiak Island, the area offers the remoteness that some people find to be perfect for contemplation and recovery. Patients who are investigating their rehab options must consider several different factors when deciding if a particular area is right for their treatment, including the environment, the ability of a support system to visit, and even employment opportunities after finishing the rehab. Here is what patients and loved ones should know about Kodiak, Alaska.

Getting There

For those venturing to the area for rehab or to visit loved ones going through treatment, the local airports can be especially important. Kodiak Airport receives planes from Alaska Airlines, Era Alaska, Island Air Service, and Servant Air as well as a number of chartered air services. The airport is just five miles from the business district of Kodiak, making access to the area relatively simple.

Places to Stay

For those looking for places to stay while visiting loved ones in rehab, there are a few hotels and motels in Kodiak and the surrounding areas. Hotels typically begin at a little over $100 a night, but can quickly go up to $200 or more per night, especially for those who venture off of the island and into major nearby cities, like Anchorage.

The Environment

Kodiak offers a lifestyle that is in close contact with nature, which can be a very positive experience for many entering rehab. Some patients find that opportunity to go back to the earth and appreciate the natural world is very conducive to contemplation and recovery. The summers in the area experience the warmest temperatures in August, with average highs around 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is January, with the average high reaching only 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Job Opportunities

For those leaving rehab, finding gainful employment is an important step in reentering society and beginning to reclaim the future. The area is known for its fishing and hunting, which attracts tourists while also serving as a way of life for many locals. Those seeking employment in the area are likely to find a range of opportunities, including cafeteria staff, office assistants, maintenance laborers, customer service representatives, and more.

Rehab Opportunities

There are several rehab opportunities for patients seeking treatment in Kodiak and the surrounding areas.

The decision to enter rehab is one that can change the direction of an entire life. Kodiak, Alaska offers a rustic and beautiful environment where one can get back in touch with nature. For many people, this is precisely the type of environment they need to succeed. Those interested in entering rehab in this type of environment should carefully consider what Kodiak has to offer.

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