Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Fairbanks, Alaska

Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Fairbanks, Alaska

Seeking treatment at a rehab center in Fairbanks can be the right choice for the next chapter in your life. You can get there by flying into the Fairbanks International Airport.

Fairbanks Airport Information

Alaska Airlines is one of the most common carriers for people heading to Fairbanks, but you also have other airline options that fly to Alaska. From the airport, you can easily get a taxi to take you to the treatment center or wherever else you need to go. Because Fairbanks is a large city, getting into and out of it on commercial airlines is easy.

The Weather is an Important Part of Your Stay

The weather is Fairbanks is something to consider, especially for people who are not used to living in Alaska. Snow and ice are common for a large part of the year, along with temperatures that are well below freezing, and often below zero. You’ll want to bring warm clothing, or plan to purchase it once you arrive.

The summer is short, but very beautiful, when the temperatures warm up and you can enjoy getting out and exploring everything that Alaska has to offer. There are long days filled with a lot of sunlight during that time, whereas winter has very short, dark days. While it can be an adjustment, it’s also a beautiful place to visit or live.

There are Great Lodging Choices Available

Plenty of places to stay are available in Fairbanks, as well. Super 8, Alaska Motel, Ranch Motel, Tamarac Inn, Frontier Lodge, and others are all great places to stay if you’re focused on outpatient treatment or when your inpatient rehab is finished.

Family members and friends who are helping to support you will also need a place to stay, and a motel in Fairbanks is an excellent choice. It’s safe and comfortable, and can keep everyone together and helping you with your recovery. Some of the motels offer extended stay rates, which is something to ask about if you plan to stay awhile.

Getting a Job in Fairbanks is Possible

You may also want to consider employment opportunities in Fairbanks. There are plenty of choices, and one of the best ways to apply for them – and see what’s available – is online. Sites like Indeed and Monster are excellent places to look for jobs based on location and skill sets, or to search for a specific company that might be hiring.

If you’re looking for work at smaller companies or local stores, though, visiting those places and talking with the workers and the owner might be the best way to get hired. Much of Alaska is close-knit, and getting to know people can really lead to great employment opportunities.

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