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Nicknamed the "Fountain City" due to its abundance of artesian wells, Pratville, Alabama could easily be described as a fountain itself. For those looking to jump-start rehabilitation from drug abuse, Pratville is place where opportunities springs eternal -  a fountain of possibilities.

With its proximity to Alabama's capital, Montgomery, and its penchant for "southern comfort," Pratville may be the ideal place to begin recovery.

Airport Details

Pratville proper may not house an airport, but friendly neighbor Montgomery offers one just a stone's throw away.

A brief 25 minute drive south of Pratville is the Montgomery Regional Airport, one of Alabama's five primary airports.

The transportation hubs facilitates three commercial airlines that travel to three different major areas:

  • American Eagle Airlines to Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
  • Delta Airlines to Atlanta, Georgia
  • US Airways Express to Charlotte, North Carolina

Thanks to the Montgomery Regional Airport, prospective recovery patients from around the country are guaranteed easy access to Pratville.

Southern Climate

Any trip to Pratville comes with it the assurance of the soothing, warm climate that the South is known for.

According to, Prattville's most heated months are both July and August (highest median high temperature at 91°F) whereas the coolest month is January (highest median high temperature at 58°F).

Those seeking recovery in the city will no doubt experience the cleansing effect of Alabama's trademark humidity. The precipitation acts as a free stand-in for a sauna.

Rehabilitation Resources

By staying in Pratville, clients assure themselves the relative peace of living in a quieter city all while enjoying the nearby benefits of the state's capital. Pratville does not need rehabilitation centers when Montgomery, a short 20 minutes away, features an abundance.

The Chemical Addictions Program, Inc. (CAP) in Montgomery seeks to help everyone with substance abuse problems, regardless of the client's financial or insurance situation. They have branches around the state, so they offer much in the way of support and resources.

Other recovery centers include the Lighthouse Counseling Center for adolescents and young adults, Crossbridge Behavioral Health, and Bradford Health Services.

Lodging Opportunities

Those seeking a comfortable stay in Prattville will no doubt encounter the city's unmissable hospitality and numerous hotels. It's an ideal place to kick back and focus on recovery.

Prattville's most-praised hotel, according to, is their Holiday Inn Express Hotel, which offers an excellent location, friendly staff, and spacious rooms. Other well-reviewed lodgings include the Hamtpon Inn, the Montgomy Marriot - Prattville, La Quinta Inn, and the Days Inn.

Employment Options

Recovering patients who are sufficiently enchanted by Prattville's charm, accessibility, and proximity to some stellar golf courses may want to lay down roots and consider employment.

According to, Prattville's top industries are public administration, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, and retail trade. Some of Prattville's top employers include:

  • Autauga County Board of Education
  • International Paper Company
  • Wal-Mart
  • City of Prattville
  • Prattville Baptist Hospital

These community-servicing employers feature opportunities for people of all experience levels and skillsets, making Prattville an easy place to call home.

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