Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Fort Rucker, Alabama

For those entering rehab, the future can be a daunting idea. Finding a place to go through rehab that will offer a peaceful atmosphere that allows for recovery while also offering opportunities for support networks to come and visit is important. An area that has the chance to find employment after reentering society is also a crucial component of a successful rehab. Here is what people should know about rehabs around Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Rehab options

Fort Rucker offers an army substance abuse program at the Lyster Army Health Clinic at the fort. This program accepts military insurance and provides outpatient care for drug and alcohol addictions. It has special DUI/DWI rehabilitation programs as well. There are also other, civilian programs in the cities and towns around Fort Rucker, including Ozark, Newton, and Geneva.

Where to stay

Those traveling to Fort Rucker for rehab will find the area to be an army base with a population of more than 4,000. While there may not be hotels or motels in the fort itself, there are several in the areas around the fort. These hotel rooms tend to start around $50 a night and can be found in Daleville, Alabama and Enterprise, Alabama. Both cities are less than ten miles from the fort and can reach Fort Rucker in just a few minutes.

How to fly there

While there are several small airports in the area, for most people coming to the fort for rehab or to visit a patient in rehab, the nearest airports accepting commercial airline would be Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, which is 88.5 miles from the fort, and Northwest Florida Regional Airport, which is 90.3 miles from the fort.


Those looking for mild to warm weather for their rehab will find Fort Rucker to be a wonderful place. The area has hot summers, with average temperatures of around 90 degrees throughout the summer months. In the winter, average temperatures stay around 60 degrees. The area can also be humid and the most precipitation falls in January. The weather makes it easy to spend time outside for much of the year, which works well for those who might enjoy taking advantage of the natural surroundings for contemplation and meditation during recovery.

Employment opportunities

After finishing rehab, finding employment is essential to beginning the new, clean life. Fortunately, there are a number of different opportunities at Fort Rucker and the surrounding small towns. Current listings show openings for positions such as educational aides, positions in retail, and in sales. Many of these positions would provide those coming out of rehab with a good starting point. Work with a counselor to determine goals and a career path.

Going through rehab offers addicts the chance to restart their lives, learn new coping skills, and get themselves back on the pathway for a successful future. Rehab offerings in and around Fort Rucker can provide patients with the medical help they need along with an environment where they can find employment to help them get back on their feet.

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