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With a population of just under 5,000 people, Brent City is considered a quaint and quiet community in Alabama. People who are hoping to seek addiction treatment in a peaceful and private location will love Brent City, and they also will enjoy the moderate-to-warm weather that this community experiences throughout the year. While it may be an intimate city, it is also considered one of the up-and-coming places to live, ensuring that there is plenty of opportunity to grow within this area. Brent City has had a population boom since the year 2000, recording a population growth rate of about 21.9 percent.

Airport and Travel Information

People who are hoping to travel to Brent City by air will likely find that the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport is the most convenient airport, as it is just 49 miles outside of the city. This allows visitors to easily visit those who are seeking treatment in this area, keeping patients connected with family and friends.


Like much of Alabama, Brent City is known for its mild winter months and steamy summer seasons. The average temperature throughout the winter hovers near 50 degrees, whereas the summer days can get as hot as 90 degrees.

Drug Abuse and Treatment Facilities

Brent City offers local residents addiction treatment services, and it also provides solace and privacy for those who want to find a new location in order to overcome their addiction. People who are seeking treatment in Brent City will find that the Indian Rivers Mental Health Center for Substance Abuse Services will meet their needs. This facility provides holistic treatment options for its patients, including outpatient counseling services. After a patient has completed their recovery program, they can find temporary lodging at local hotels or they may decide to settle down permanently in this growing town.


There are two hotels located in Brent City. The Southern Belle Motor Court and the Windwood Inn are affordable and comfortable lodging options. They are ideal choices for recent graduates of recovery programs who want to stay in this community while they look for work and find a permanent place to call home. These hotels also provide visitors with a place to stay while they visit loved ones who are participating in a treatment program in Brent City.

Industry and Employment

There are several major industries that drive the economy in Brent City. The construction industry as well as the agricultural industry play a major role in this community, as does the health care industry. About 10 percent of the population works in the educational services industry, making it the most prevalent industry in this area. The unemployment rate is about 7.3 percent, which is slightly higher than the state unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. As the population continues to grow in Brent City, so will the job opportunities. Recovering addicts will find that they can start their new life of sobriety with a promising career in this community.

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