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Bessemer City is a moderately-sized city just outside the bustling metropolis of Birmingham. With a population of about 27,000 residents, this community provides plenty of amenities for those who live there. It is a wonderful choice for recovering addicts who want to find a new place to call home, as it offers a metropolitan feel with plenty of amenities. People who are looking to visit close friends and relatives who are seeking treatment in Bessemer City will find that it is a welcoming place to stay, and often enjoy the close proximity to Birmingham and all that the big city has to offer travelers.

Airports Near Bessemer City

It is quite easy to get to Bessemer City, considering the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport is just 16 miles away. This makes it convenient for patients to relocate to this community in order to get the treatment that they need, and it allows family members and friends to visit as often as they want. Another airport that is near Bessemer City is the Montgomery Regional Airport, which is about 80 miles away.


Bessemer City experiences moderate to mild winters and warm and humid summers. The average temperature during the winter months is about 40 degrees, whereas summer temperatures can soar up to near 90 degrees. The moderate winters and warm summers make it a wonderful place to call home while a person recovers from their addiction to alcohol.

Drug Addiction and Treatment Options

Alcohol and illicit drugs are an issue in Bessemer City just as with any other community in the United States. There are two treatment facilities that patients can utilize should they require help, support and resources for battling their addiction. The Alabama Abuse Counseling Center specializes in court ordered addiction treatment, and offers services for Spanish speaking patients. It primarily focuses on outpatient counseling programs. The Northwest Alabama Treatment Center is a holistic treatment facility that also offers outpatient counseling services. The options available in this community make it easy for patients to choose to relocate here, because they can work with a facility that will truly meet their needs.


Given its proximity to Birmingham, it's not surprising that there are many hotels and motels in Bessemer City. Options include the Holiday Inn Express, the Hiway Host Motel, the Comfort Inn Bessemer, and the Jameson Inn of Bessemer. People who are visiting patients love the fact that they have options when they visit Bessemer City. In addition, patients who complete their recovery in Bessemer City also enjoy that they can find temporary lodging while they decide what to do next in life.

Employment Opportunities

Despite the fact that there are 2,500 firms in Bessemer City, the unemployment rate hovers at about 8.5 percent. This is higher than the state unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. Manufacturing is the major industry in this community, with many of the jobs being located in nearby plants. While the unemployment rate may be higher in this community, many recovering addicts will be able to find work that they enjoy while they focus on their sobriety.

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