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Questions to Ask When Seeking Drug Rehab

Dr. Gerardo Sison

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Dr. Gerardo Sison

April 1, 2019

If you are serious about getting help with addiction, then it is important to find the right treatment program for you. Treatment programs vary considerably from one place to the next, so take the time to find the right one. You will be investing time and, potentially, money into this program, so before you sign on, here are some helpful questions to ask.

What Are Your Credentials?

Both programs and the staff that work those programs can have credentials. The program itself can be accredited through groups like the Joint Commission, part of the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Programs should also be accredited or licensed through the state.

In addition, the staff should have the proper credentials. Common certifications include:

  • CAC – Certified Addictions Counselor
  • CCDP – Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Counselor
  • LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor
  • LADC – Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

In addition, if you are choosing a medical treatment program, ask about the medical qualifications of the staff.

What Are the Facilities Like?

Take the time to get to know the facilities. Not only do you want to see that the facilities are clean and professional, but you should ask about the environment at the facility as well. Patients need to be treated with dignity and respect so they will be able to embrace the recovery steps they are learning. If you are considering an inpatient treatment, ask to see the living quarters as well as the common areas.

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How Does Your Treatment Work?

Ask about the specifics of the treatment, and determine if they fit the needs and personality of the person seeking treatment. Quality programs will be forthcoming with the details of their treatment protocol.

Do You Have Studies Showing the Effectiveness of Your Program?

A quality addiction treatment program will have studies showing how well their program is working. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends asking for the scientific studies that show that the treatment strategy does work.

Do You Treat Men and Women Differently?

Men and women recover from addiction differently, so treatment should be targeted to the different genders, even if they are treated at the same location. Gender-specific treatment programs are quite effective.

Do You Have a Medical Detox Program?

Studies have found that medically-based detox programs are quite effective at helping recovering addicts deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Ask about the medical treatment options available with the program you choose.

Do You Create an Individualized Treatment Plan?

For addiction treatment to be effective, it needs to be treated based on the history, issues and needs of the individual who is being treated. Choose a program that can tailor their general plan to the individual needs of each person being treated.

Do You Offer Inpatient Treatment?

If you think the addict in your life needs inpatient treatment, ask about it. The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services indicates that nearly 90 percent of all treatment is done on an outpatient basis, so inpatient treatment may be harder to come by.

How Does the Program Treat People Holistically?

True recovery often requires a holistic approach. People need to be treated medically, psychologically and even at times spiritually to successfully break free from the bonds of addiction. Find out what holistic treatment approaches are used by the program you are considering.

Do You Provide Support for Families?

The people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are not the only ones who need help. The families that support these individuals also need help and resources. A quality treatment program will look at the needs of the families as well as the individuals they are treating.

What Support Is Available After Treatment?

Treatment needs ongoing support for the addict to make true life changes. A quality program will have an aftercare regimen for patients to follow to ensure that their new changes stick.

By asking these questions, you will have a good picture of the quality of the program. Find one that fits your needs, and start the process of addiction recovery now. Contact us today.

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