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As the sixth most populous state, Pennsylvania became the second member of the United States in 1787. Widely known for its steel industry, football team, and 2,080-pound iconic Liberty Bell, the Keystone State is beloved by native Pennsylvanians and tourists alike.

However, amid the bustling economy and popular tourist attractions, drug and alcohol addiction looms in the background. Pennsylvania ranks 14th in the nation for highest drug overdose mortalities with 15.3 per 100,000 people, primarily from prescription drug abuse. Alcoholism is also a top safety issue. Recent data shows that although alcohol-related crashes decreased slightly to 11,041 from 11,956 in 2013, the problem persists.

What else can be done to decrease the statistics? If you or someone you love shows signs of addiction, contact a rehab center promptly. The best way to combat substance abuse is to head it off early with a good treatment program.

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If your addiction is in its early stages and you are determined to recover fully, outpatient therapy might be ideal for you. Although outpatient participants still have to deal with external distractions and triggers every day after returning home from therapy, the outpatient model does allow much greater schedule flexibility and personal freedom than inpatient. For top outpatient rehab centers in Pennsylvania, check out the following:

Adolescent Advocates

Located in Rosemont, Adolescent Advocates (A2) is an innovative private practice that focuses on treating adolescents (age 13–24) with mental health, social, and substance abuse issues. Led by a group of highly trained professionals, the facility’s unique outpatient model specializes in creating a therapeutic community instead of just treating specific dysfunctions. A2 groups meet one to three times per week, split into age groups, and cover individual and group counseling, educational counseling recovery coaching, LGBTQI issues, and behavioral modification therapy.

Race to Recovery Now

Race to Recovery Now, located in Broomall, understands the necessity of urgent treatment and makes it their mission to help people end destructive behaviors forever. Based on the belief that substance abuse is an actual disease, Race to Recovery Now empowers you to be independent in thought and action, encouraging you to perform and self-direct all healthy skills, routines, and activity patterns. One step at a time, these acts of empowerment add up to a successful recovery.

The Core Addiction Therapy

As one of the top five rated treatment centers in the U.S., The Core is designed with you, the patient, in mind to make recovery as comfortable and successful as possible. Focused on offering a wide range of spiritual and holistic activities that address dual diagnosis issues and interpersonal skills, The Core’s success ratio is among the highest in the nation. Outpatient therapy for adults includes eclectic methodologies such as emotionally focused, psychodynamic, humanistic, existential, and more.

Like the Liberty Bell, ring independent of your addiction. Contact us today for more info and let our friendly counselors help you find the best rehab program for your individual situation.

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