52 Nevada Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Outpatient Rehab in Nevada Remains a Solution as Addiction Tarnishes the Silver State

Aside from the glitz of Las Vegas and sights like the iconic Hoover Dam, Nevada holds many wonders not commonly known amid popular culture. Otherwise known as the Silver State or Sagebrush State, Nevada is the source of most U.S. gold, and the silver rush of 1859 helped put the region on the map. Additionally, the nation’s largest desert, the Great Basin, fills much of Nevada, and cradles a large chunk of historic Basque ranching culture.

Also often overlooked are Nevada’s pressing drug and alcohol issues. Nevada is in the upper 20% of states for alcohol-related deaths, while it ranks fourth-highest in the nation for prescription narcotic and heroin overdose mortalities, mostly among teens and young adults.

Fortunately, Nevada law enforcement and the state pharmacy board implemented a prescription-tracking program in 2011, which seems to be gradually helping the situation. As backup, rehab centers around the state continue providing high-quality, urgent treatment for anyone who needs it.

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Outpatient Treatment – The Solution Begins with You

If you are in the early stages of addiction and feel you can commit to rehab, outpatient may be the best way you can fight your own personal battle with substance abuse. Typically less intrusive than inpatient, outpatient rehab allows you to go home after each session to continue with your daily life while still providing intensive tools to help you cope with sobriety.

Three major outpatient programs in Nevada are:

Goals 4 Success

Located in Las Vegas, Goals 4 Success is an EAGALA-certified (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) facility offering innovative equine psychotherapy for individuals with addiction, among other emotional and mental issues. This unique facility provides outpatient and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs that promote behavior modification, emotional regulation, team-building, self-esteem skills, and a variety of other life lessons. Equine psychotherapy boasts an extremely high success rate in its effectiveness toward helping patients find new purpose in life.

Seven Hills Hospital

Seven Hills is a leading substance abuse treatment center in Henderson. A highly trained staff of psychiatrists and mental health professionals ensure that adults, adolescents, and seniors all receive an optimal chance at recovery. Focusing on dual-diagnosis, Seven Hills integrates the more traditional 12 step program with evidence-based treatment methods to arm patients with the best tools and skills available to remain successful after treatment.

Vitality Unlimited

Headquartered in Elko, Vitality Unlimited calls itself “the social safety net for Nevada.” Additional locations also include Winnemucca, Reno, and Las Vegas, with a facility for veterans in Sun Valley. The outpatient program involves a multi-faceted approach that provides any patient with a personalized treatment plan. Services include intervention, assessment, individual and group counseling, employee assistance counseling, and self-help meetings. Vitality also offers accessibility to those in need, regardless of financial background or ability to pay.

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Cities In Nevada With Outpatient Treatment Centers

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