3 Vermont Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

A residential stay in a long term rehab facility offers the kind of support and monitoring that addicts need to overcome substance abuse issues. Vermont has several long term rehab programs available for individuals who need help overcoming addiction.

Despite its relatively small size and population, Vermont has recorded some of the nation’s highest rates of illicit drug use in recent years. The national average for past-month drug abuse hovers around 8%, but Vermont has reported figures as high as 12%. The problem is particularly pronounced in people under 25. Opiates, marijuana, and cocaine are the drugs most frequently cited by patients entering rehab programs.

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect anyone from any walk of life, but a focused course of rehab can help break the cycle. Patients enter a program lasting a minimum of 30 days, and as long as several months, during which they battle the underlying causes of their addiction.

Not all addicts require a stay in a long term rehab facility, but in extreme cases, it may be the only option. In extended rehabilitation, residents are removed from the triggers that cause drug and alcohol abuse while surrounded by rehabilitation experts. If the path to recovery seems impossible to navigate, seek out the resources available through long term rehab.

Long Term Rehab Throughout Vermont

At long term rehab centers in Vermont, patients can expect to find full-service residential facilities, access to medical detox, a tailored course of counseling, and resources for relapse prevention. Every facility approaches the path to sobriety differently, which is why it is important to vet any rehab option carefully before committing to it.

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The Lund Family Center in Burlington, Vermont, offers addiction treatment services to women and their families. Its comprehensive course of treatment seeks to heal both the addict and those that have been hurt by their destructive behaviors. Residential facilities are available to women that are pregnant or caring for small children.

The Twin Oaks Community Residence of Behavioral Health Services North Inc. is also located in Burlington. This facility serves men only and offers a 6-month residential program focused on addiction recovery and employment. In addition to counseling and support, the facility is equipped to offer Buprenorphine services as an alternative to methadone.

The Phoenix House in Brattleboro offers separate facilities for women and men, with access to professional counseling, medical detox, and residential care. Their treatment philosophy is centered around the idea that addiction is a chronic illness rather than a moral failing. This organization has more than 45 years of experience promoting addiction recovery.

With the right guidance and support, it is possible to overcome substance issues. Find the resources you need by speaking to one of our experts.

Cities In Vermont With Long Term Rehabs

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