34 Kentucky Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Kentucky faces many problems when it comes to residents who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, there are several long-term treatment programs available to get everyone the help that they need.

Long Term Rehab in Kentucky: A Constructive Path to Recovery

Addiction to alcohol or drugs remains a problem across the US, and Kentucky has been stricken by levels above the national average. However, not all is gloomy. In October 2013, Governor Steve Beshear said “education works”, pointing to a decrease in illicit drug use by teens.

One choice you have is to take advantage of the many rehab facilities available throughout Kentucky. Long term rehab programs offered by these centers will give you the best shot at recovery and may affect steady improvements in your employment, relationships, and other important factors affecting your quality of life.

Like other types of rehab programs, long term can be customized to your specific needs, so find a program that is right for you. With long term rehab programs lasting as many as 120 days, you will be given all due time to take the most constructive steps towards freeing yourself from addiction.

The possibility of successful long term rehab is a fact. Many people who choose to undergo these programs gain the social support they need to rebuild their relationships and return to life with a strong foundation, with undeniable trade offs in their ability to hold down jobs and lead responsible lives.

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Whatever Your Personal Needs, Kentucky’s Rehab Programs Can Work for You

Kentucky has a variety of long term rehab houses with different, unique approaches that are bound to satisfy your personal needs. Approaches range from well-founded methodical programs to more personalized plans designed for you as an individual.

The Beacon House Aftercare Program in Louisville, Kentucky, offers a 12-step program available for men. The program will be based on your specific situation, and can be adjusted as required.

For women, Chrysalis House in Lexington, Kentucky, is a rehab home that will assess you and provide a program customized to your particular needs. With a minimum age requirement of 18, women undergoing this program will receive residential treatment for 6 months. Options are available for children whose mothers are in the program.

The Oasis Women’s Shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky, is another women’s rehab home that can provide services to women with addiction problems, including the homeless, in a 42-day program for substance abuse in-house. Children can also receive appropriate services to help them through this time.

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