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Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept CoreSource

Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

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Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

April 5, 2019

Using CoreSource health insurance to pay for rehab can reduce inpatient and outpatient treatment costs. Understanding your plan benefits before entering treatment can be a helpful way to ease the stress of paying for your treatment stay.

Financial concerns are a common barrier among those who wish to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. For many people, paying out-of-pocket for rehab can become expensive and unaffordable quickly.

Serving over a million members nationwide, CoreSource is a health insurance company that offers self-funded employee benefit plans. If you are enrolled in a CoreSource insurance plan, your insurance may cover some or all of your treatment costs. This includes inpatient stays within a rehab center and outpatient services.

The amount of coverage you are able to receive through your insurance will depend on the type of plan you have and the treatment provider. Finding rehab centers that accept CoreSource can ease the process of paying for treatment and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Does CoreSource Cover Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

Having health insurance through CoreSource may be able to reduce your costs for inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab. CoreSource is able to provide support by phone and online through a digital member portal for information about member benefits.

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Under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008, most U.S. insurers are required to cover addiction treatment as they would medical and surgical costs. This is meant to help those struggling with substance abuse access affordable treatment more easily.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Covered By CoreSource

CoreSource may require evidence of medical necessity from your general physician or primary care provider (PCP) before providing coverage for treatment costs. This signals to your insurance that your state of health requires the suggested level of treatment.

In most cases of drug or alcohol addiction, doctors will first recommend inpatient rehab. Each person’s treatment plan will differ based on their needs, and additional or alternative levels of treatment may be recommended.

Treatment services eligible for full or partial coverage with CoreSource include:

Inpatient And Residential Programs

Many people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction will need to enter a treatment center for inpatient rehab. Inpatient, or residential, rehab programs provide 24/7 supervision and structure to treat all aspects of addiction. This includes mental and psychological effects, as well as physical health concerns.

One of the most effective treatments offered within inpatient addiction programs is medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. This involves the combined use of certain medications and behavioral therapy. While many prescription drugs can be addictive, experts have found that certain medications can ease drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

Individual and group counseling within rehab programs can also be helpful for overcoming addiction. Therapy can be personalized to address issues most relevant for each patient, and can help people envision a balanced, sober life beyond their substance abuse.

Depending on the rehab center and other factors, CoreSource may not offer full coverage for your inpatient treatment. However, by selecting a center that accepts CoreSource insurance, you may be able to greatly reduce the amount you would have to pay without insurance.

Many plans offered through CoreSource will provide up to 80 percent coverage for inpatient stays within eligible rehab centers. This may be limited to 45 days within an inpatient program per calendar year. Having additional insurance or benefits may be able to further reduce your treatment costs.

Outpatient Treatment

Many people require continued support after inpatient treatment to continue their path towards recovery.
Outpatient treatment for addiction may be offered by an eligible rehab center, or through individual providers. Depending on your needs, this may involve working with counselors, a psychiatrist, and other doctors as needed.

Not all outpatient doctors and counselors may accept coverage from your insurance. By speaking with a CareSource representative, you may be able to find outpatient programs and providers that accept your insurance or can offer reduced costs.


Prescription medications can be helpful for many people as an aid for addiction recovery. These may be prescribed on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

CoreSource may offer full or partial coverage for your prescription drugs. Your personal responsibility for medication costs may depend on the specific guidelines of your health plan. In some cases, this may include meeting a deductible or being responsible for copayments.

Out-Of-Network Treatment

The best way to reduce your rehab costs is to seek treatment through an in-network provider. However, CoreSource is one insurer that realizes that finding in-network treatment is not always easy or possible for everyone.

Different regions in the United States contain more or less treatment providers eligible for coverage under a CoreSource health plan. For some, this can make accessing the right treatment more difficult.

However, like some other insurers, CoreSource offers health plans that can still reduce costs for out-of-network treatment services. While it may require more advocating on your part for discounts and cost negotiations, this can still be helpful to ensure you are able to find affordable treatment that meets your needs.

Using CoreSource Insurance To Cover Addiction Treatment

People who want to use their CoreSource insurance to pay for treatment will need to consider a few important factors. The first factor to explore is whether or not the rehab center you have chosen accepts your insurance.

Rehab centers vary in many respects in the types of treatment they offer, their locations, and more. They also differ in what types of insurance they accept.

Before entering treatment, it may be helpful to contact a CoreSource representative and treatment specialist to better understand your options for insurance coverage. You may also need pre-authorization before receiving coverage through your CoreSource health plan.

Authorization for insurance coverage may require your doctor to perform a clinical assessment before entering rehab. This allows your doctor to determine the severity of your addiction and recommend a proper level of care accordingly. After completing this assessment, CoreSource may require that you send them paperwork as proof of medical necessity for treatment.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Using CoreSource For Rehab?

It is normal to have questions about your health insurance coverage, especially if you are concerned about drug and alcohol rehab costs. Knowing the right questions to ask can improve your understanding of how to pay for rehab and what your insurance can cover.

This may require posing questions to a CoreSource representative, your doctor, or a treatment specialist before entering treatment. Talking to specialists can provide you with a better understanding of your financial responsibilities and ease potential stress down the road regarding payment.

Common questions to ask when using CoreSource to pay for rehab include:

  • Which inpatient rehab centers accept my insurance?
  • What length of stay will my CoreSource plan cover?
  • Does my plan cover medically assisted detox and medications for withdrawal?
  • Do my CoreSource benefits include reduced outpatient treatment costs?
  • Which outpatient providers in my area are eligible for CoreSource coverage?
  • Will CoreSource cover my prescription drug costs?
  • How do I get pre-authorization for treatment coverage?
  • Is there any paperwork I need to submit to CoreSource or my employer before entering treatment?

How To Find A Rehab Center That Accepts CoreSource

Seeking treatment can be life-saving for people struggling with addiction. Using health insurance to cover treatment costs may seem confusing without guidance from a professional. Speaking to a treatment specialist can help you better understand how to use your insurance to help you pay for rehab.

Financial concerns do not have to keep you from accessing life-saving addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. If you are ready to seek treatment, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about treatment centers that accept CoreSource.

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