West Virginia Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

While the rate of illicit drug use in West Virginia is lower than that of the rest of the country, there are still many individuals suffering from drug addiction. Fortunately, West Virginia offers several treatment options to those in need of specialized help.

Nestled in the ancient Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia is famous for its coal mines and musical culture. But while the state has far more churches than saloons, many West Virginians struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Rates of illicit drug use in West Virginia are below national averages. But on the flip side, West Virginia is among the top 10 states in America for people suffering from drug dependence.

While marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are commonly abused drugs, the most common in West Virginia is methamphetamine. This extremely dangerous drug is highly addictive and can be manufactured from common household ingredients. Meth addicts quickly develop serious health problems as a result of their drug use.

Help is available, however, at any of West Virginia’s residential drug treatment facilities. Inpatient drug rehab is the most effective way to treat drug addiction, including meth addiction. A medically supervised detox is vital before a successful therapy program can be implemented.

Residential Addiction Therapy Gets Results in West Virginia

Inpatient drug treatment programs provide patients with a safe place to get off drugs without the danger of a serious medical crisis. The hospital setting also takes patients away from the stresses and temptations that encourage substance abuse and dependency. At Riverpark Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia patients receive professional therapy in group and individual settings and solid aftercare programs to help them avoid relapses.

Another great inpatient facility in West Virginia is Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston. Here, patients receive individualized therapy in a clean residential atmosphere. The caring healthcare professionals at Thomas Memorial specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and other mental health services.

In nearby Charleston, West Virginia, Behavioral Health Services offers comprehensive inpatient and partial hospitalization programs that are focused on treating the underlying causes of addiction. Like most hospitals in West Virginia, BHS accepts many payment plans, including private insurance.

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