26 Utah Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Many inpatient rehab centers in Utah offer evidence-based therapies and tailored treatment plans. Discovering the right one for your needs can lead you to lasting recovery.

The amount of methamphetamine in Utah has drastically increased over the last five years, and the opioid overdose death rate has been higher than the national average for decades.

To counteract this drug epidemic, 26 Utah inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers provide a supportive environment for struggling individuals.

Some types of substance abuse treatment are more effective for certain people. Exploring different inpatient programs and choosing the right care are crucial steps in the recovery process.

Top 3 Utah Inpatient Rehab Centers

Utah is home to several highly rated residential treatment facilities that offer individualized care. The following top three Utah inpatient rehab centers were selected based on positive reviews, accreditation, and unique services.

1. Ascend Recovery, American Fork

Ascend Recovery has a different house for each step of its inpatient rehab program. Primary addiction treatment takes place at Lake House and involves art, a ropes course, and equine therapy as well as 12-step work and individual counseling.

After this intensive level of care, a person steps down into transitional housing, then a sober living facility. A distinctive feature of Ascend Recovery is lifetime aftercare services.

2. Turning Point Centers, Sandy

The inpatient rehab program at Turning Point Centers takes a non-12-step approach. Treatment focuses on underlying issues and co-occurring disorders that contribute to addiction.

These issues are addressed through evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), life skills training, and emotional regulation.

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3. Odyssey House, Salt Lake City

Odyssey House has a teen residential program that helps young people with life skills, leadership, creative expression, and job training. An on-site high school allows teens to continue their education while in treatment.

There is also a separate inpatient rehab program for adults that deals with many of the same issues, in addition to trauma and mental disorders. Both age-specific programs promote a therapeutic community and the development of healthy relationships.

Inpatient Detox Programs In Utah

The first step in the addiction treatment process may be an inpatient detox program. Alcohol and some drugs cause the body to become physically dependent, which can get in the way of healing from a mental addiction.

Inpatient rehab centers in Utah may offer on-site medically supervised detox at the start of a treatment program. During detox, medical professionals monitor an individual, administer medication to ease discomfort, and may provide counseling or therapy for additional support.

Utah Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Many Utah inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers create individualized treatment plans to ensure that each person receives appropriate care. It is also important for someone to consider whether the facility uses the best treatment methods for their situation.

For example, a person who suffers from co-occurring disorders should seek an inpatient facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Dealing with issues that can cause or worsen addiction is the most effective way to prevent relapse.

Not all Utah inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers use the same therapies or take the same approach.

They may offer several of the following:

  • court-ordered treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • adventure therapy
  • equine therapy
  • sex addiction therapy
  • behavioral therapy
  • alternative care
  • a 12-step approach
  • a non-12-step approach
  • a religious context
  • nonreligious context

They may also provide specific types of inpatient programs with a unique atmosphere or more targeted treatment for certain groups of people.

These may be:

  • women’s programs
  • men’s programs
  • Native American programs
  • treatment for teens
  • treatment for pregnant women
  • treatment for executives or professionals
  • wilderness rehab programs
  • private luxury rehab facilities
  • free or low-cost addiction treatment
  • long-term programs (60 to 90 days or more)
  • short-term programs (28 to 30 days or less)

Many people benefit from holistic care, which is integrated into numerous inpatient rehab programs. A holistic approach takes into account a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual needs so they can fully recover from addiction and its negative effects on their life.

Aftercare services may follow an inpatient rehab program to support a person as they return home. The goal is to hold an individual accountable to resist triggers and continue implementing what they learned in treatment.

The Difference Between Utah Inpatient And Outpatient Rehab Programs

Utah inpatient rehab programs offer a structured environment and a daily schedule of therapies and sober activities. A person lives at the treatment facility with others who are working toward the same goal of recovery.

During an outpatient rehab program, a person can live at home and keep up with work, school, and family obligations. Therapy sessions may be offered during the day or evening.

While this flexibility may seem ideal, it can raise the risk of relapse. Many addicted individuals do not have a supportive home environment, and daily exposure to triggers can make it more difficult to abstain from alcohol or drug use.

To learn more about inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers in Utah and find the best care for you or your loved one, reach out to us today.

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