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Georgia Inpatient Drug Rehab CentersWith methamphetamine use rising in rural areas of the country, Georgia has seen an increase in the number of people arrested for manufacturing and using methamphetamine over the past decade. In response to this alarming trend, the Peach State has been establishing exceptional programs to address the needs of people suffering from the disease of addiction.

Although all types of addictions are difficult to treat, methamphetamine presents a special problem regarding recovery treatment plans because of the aggressive way it operates on the brain’s reward and pleasure areas. Using the latest techniques in rehabilitation science, addiction counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists have formulated many effective programs.

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At Anchor Hospital in Atlanta, one of Georgia’s many centers offering residential long-term and short-term sober living, patients can undergo supervised detoxification, the safest and most effective detox method. Afterward, patients enter into tailored therapy that emphasizes their specific mental and emotional issues contributing to their addiction.

Turning Point Hospital in Moultrie and Laurelwood Hospital Inpatient Rehab both offer patients the ability to take that first step towards recovery and the satisfaction of leading a sober, productive life. Professionals at these hospitals use intervention techniques involving a variety of applicable psychological therapies and stress management tools. Turning Point and Laurelwood Hospitals represent turning points for addicts who sincerely want to abandon a life of substance abuse and pain.

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