Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Texas

If you’re in the grip of heroin addiction in Texas, you need more than just safe withdrawal — you need the intensive medically-supervised care only inpatient drug rehab programs can provide. Fortunately, you can get the help you need in several of the Lone Star state’s rehab facilities.

A Clear And Present Danger in Texas and Nationwide

Heroin is a derivative of another highly addictive substance, morphine, and in fact it transforms back into morphine in the body once injected, snorted or smoked. It stimulates opioid receptors in the brain associated with feelings of pleasure and reward, acting very quickly to produce euphoria. Unfortunately, this same pleasurable experience quickly becomes deadly as the user becomes dependent on increasing amounts, not only to get high but to avoid agonizing withdrawal symptoms. It is all too easy for a given dose to cause death as tolerance to the drug rises.

Texas clearly has a collective heroin problem among its other addiction related woes. According to the latest available records, 5,869 Texans aged 12 or older were admitted for treatment for heroin addiction, while 3,552 others required treatment for addiction to non-heroin opiate drugs. This represents a disturbing national trend in which 681,000 Americans were reported as using heroin within the past year — up from 404,000 15 years ago.

The Value of Inpatient Heroin Addiction Treatment

Inpatient treatment is usually the safest and most effective option from breaking a severe heroin addiction. While some individuals might be “functional,” having retained a degree of control over their lives and decisions, others have fallen completely under the spell of the drug and cannot even miss a single dose without risking serious withdrawal. Safe, complete detoxification must be performed gradually, under supervised conditions and often with the aid of drugs such as Suboxone that quiet the craving for heroin without substituting an equally addictive high.

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Intensive counseling, therapy, and lifestyle modification strategies are also instrumental in re-training your brain and instincts so you can avoid known abuse triggers and restructure a more positive future for yourself. The inpatient environment shelters you from the outside world while you reconfigure your life, while also ensuring that trained professionals are always on hand to monitor your progress.

Get Into Inpatient Rehab and Off Heroin

Inpatient treatment can save your life and restore it to its former quality, but only if you seek this treatment out and commit to it. Contact us at RehabCenter.net to learn more about how to find the perfect Texas inpatient drug rehab clinic for your situation. A healthy, satisfying life without heroin is waiting for you — so grab it!

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