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Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Puerto Rico

For patients and their families, facing a heroin addiction can be a source of incredible struggle. Heroin can impact every part of a patient’s life, including their relationships with loved ones around them. Here is what all people should know about this addiction and possible treatment options.

Understanding Heroin Addictions

When a person uses heroin, the drug interacts with their brain to create a feeling of euphoria. Opiates, which include heroin, act by preventing the body from perceiving pain. When a person first begins to develop a heroin addiction, it may be possible for them to conceal their behavior because many early signs such as dry mouth, droopy appearance, and disorientation can be easily attributed to other things. Patients will typically develop worsening symptoms and changes in behavior such as decreased hygiene, lack of interests in hobbies and goals, hostile behavior, and stealing. The loved ones surrounding patients will also begin to notice signs such as weight loss, needle track marks on the arms, or infections at the injection site.

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Treatment For Heroin Addiction

As patients develop these symptoms, it will typically become necessary for them to seek professional help and treatment to begin their recovery. For many patients, recovery will begin with a period of withdrawal and detox as the drug leaves their body. The psychological drive of patients to continue using the drug can be incredibly strong, which is why many patients will require inpatient rehab, where they can be surrounded by medical professionals helping them through the process. For patients with other medical conditions, as well as those who have had a heroin use problem for a very long time, withdrawal and detox can even be medically dangerous, making it even more important for patients to have access to treatment. Even if the withdrawal is not dangerous it is still uncomfortable as patients can experience symptoms such as:

  • profuse sweating
  • bad muscle and bone aches
  • severe cramping in the limbs
  • chills
  • nausea and vomiting

Once the patient has successfully rid their bodies of the drug, they will then begin the next phase of the recovery process. There are a few different types of treatments for heroin addiction. Some will involve the use of medications, such as methadone, that help to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and slowly wean the body off the drug. There are also a variety of behavioral therapies that can help patients learn better-coping skills and help motivate them to have a healthy and productive future.

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It can be a challenge for patients and their loved ones to know how to best face a heroin addiction, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Those interested in learning more and finding someone to help answer their questions should contact us at for more information.

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