Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Heroin Addiction and How It Affects Your Life

When someone uses heroin regularly and becomes addicted, he becomes tolerant to the drug, needing more as time goes by. If the person doesn’t get the drug, he has withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings, pain and cold sweats – and then wants to take the drug to stop these uncomfortable symptoms.

Generally, addiction also means that your world centers around using the drug and you can’t really control your drug use anymore. You might want to stop, but can’t, and you stop doing activities you used to do. Heroin changes your brain when you become addicted to it. In the long run, it can unbalance brain systems.

New Jersey has high numbers of people being admitted to treatment for heroin compared to other parts of the nation. In 2012, 25,351 people aged 12 and older were admitted. That number went down from 26,477 in 2002, but up from 22,754 in 2011.

In the nation as a whole, the number of people aged 12 or higher who used heroin in the past year rose from 404,000 in 2002 to 681,000 in 2013. Americans dependent on or abusing heroin also rose in the same age group, from 214,000 in 2002 to 517,000 in 2013. The number of people who died throughout the country from heroin drug poisoning also greatly increased from 2000 to 2013.

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Treatment for Heroin Addiction in New Jersey

When treating heroin addiction, professionals often use medication to help with withdrawal symptoms that happen during the detoxification process. Medication can help people stick with treatment to overcome addiction. In addition, different types of behavioral therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, are often used as a treatment for an addiction to heroin.

People trying to overcome a heroin addiction can go to either inpatient or outpatient programs, although inpatient ones tend to work better for this type of addiction. Also, recovery is generally more successful when the person goes through treatment that includes medication along with behavioral therapy.

In New Jersey, there are many inpatient treatment programs that you or your loved one can go to for heroin addiction. Here is a sampling of the available inpatient treatment centers in the state:

  • Greater Trenton Adult Day Treatment: Located in Trenton, this center offers inpatient treatment that includes alternative programs. It offers treatment for a heroin addiction to many populations, including Christians, gay and lesbian people, those with a dual diagnosis, and people who need to fulfill court-ordered treatment.
  • Damon House Inc.: This facility in New Brunswick provides inpatient treatment of 60 to 120 days for men and women. It is prepared for heroin treatment along with a co-occurring mental disorder and for treatment that has been ordered by the court.
  • CURA Inc. Adult Residential: This facility in Newark provides long-term treatment from 60 to 120 days. It is specialized for men and Christians. This center also offers heroin addiction treatment when it is court ordered or when the person has HIV/AIDS. Part of the treatment offered at this facility includes alternative programs.
  • Hansen House for Men and Women: In Egg Harbor City, this facility has inpatient heroin treatment programs of 60 to 120 days. Its treatment offerings includes alternative methods. This facility welcomes both sexes, people who need court-ordered treatment, and those with a dual diagnosis. It also provides care after the treatment process to help the transition back into everyday life.

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You don’t have to feel alone or like there’s no hope if you or your loved one is going through an addiction to heroin. New Jersey has many treatment centers ready to help you or your loved one start a new life without substances. To find the right treatment center in your part of the state, contact us at RehabCenter.net.

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