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Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Michigan

The dangers of heroin are very real. This drug is highly addictive, and even a person who only tries heroin once can become dependent upon using this drug in their daily lives. Heroin use has risen sharply in the last decade, largely because it has been popularized by celebrities and fashion designers as the chic drug to use. In the year 2000, about 6,500 people were admitted to drug and alcohol recovery centers in order to treat their heroin addiction. By 2010, that number had risen to nearly 10,500 people.

Alarmingly, this does not seem to be a drug that people are choosing to experiment with during their adolescence. Rather, they are opting to try this drug when they are older, usually in their mid-to-late 20s. In 2013, 82 percent of people who tried heroin for the first time were over the age of 26. As the popularity of heroin rises, the number of deaths related to overdose of this drug have increased sharply. Since 2010, the number of people who have died as a result of a heroin overdose has tripled. Given these startling statistics, it is more important now than ever before that heroin-addicted are able to receive the treatment that they need in order to overcome their addiction.

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About Heroin Addiction

Heroin is not a drug that a person can just experiment with or try once. Even if the first experience with this drug is unfavorable, and results in vomiting or unconsciousness, a person may feel compelled to try it again. The drug quickly takes hold of a person, and forces them to crave it. One of the reasons it is so powerful is because it impacts the opioid receptors in the brain and allows the person to experience an initial sensation of extreme pleasure. This quickly changes, as vomiting, dry mouth, and extreme itching begin.

As a person continues to use heroin, the structure of the brain will change and the person will suffer from hormonal imbalances. This causes them to desire to use the drug again, and it is challenging to break the cycle. It is nearly impossible to overcome heroin addiction without help from qualified recovery professionals and medical caregivers.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction and the Recovery Process

Recovery professionals recognize that heroin addiction is severe and it is challenging for people to overcome it, which is why inpatient rehab treatment centers are recommended for patients who are addicted to heroin. At an inpatient treatment center, patients are able to receive medical care during the withdrawal process at any time of the day. Withdrawal symptoms will be most severe 24-48 hours after the last dose of heroin, but they can linger for up to seven days.

After the symptoms of withdrawal have subsided, the patient will then work with counseling professionals in order to identify the root cause of their addiction. Inpatient treatment centers provide patients with the support, care and guidance they need, and they allow patients to focus completely on their recovery journey.

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