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Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Maryland

Heroin Addiction In Maryland

People who have a heroin addiction suffer from a wide range of mental, behavioral and physical problems. Heroin is a drug created from morphine, a type of opiate medication used to treat physical pain from an injury or surgery by suppressing the pain receptors and increasing the good feelings in the brain’s pleasure center.

Unfortunately, the pleasurable rush people feel can become addictive, as they seek to take more and more of this drug. They will also take heroin in higher doses when they start to build a tolerance for it. In 2013, about 517,000 people have developed a dependency on heroin, which is triple the amount of people who were addicted to heroin in 2002 as only about 189,000 people took this drug.

Getting Treatment Is Vital For Addicted Individuals

On average, around 8,257 people die from heroin drug poisoning. Yet treatment options are out there to fight against the addiction. There are about 17,404 people (per 100,000 population) in the state of Maryland getting heroin drug rehabilitation services. Facilities throughout the state provide inpatient care in the form of rehabilitation programs as these programs have shown the most success for heroin addiction problems. The programs can adopt several different modalities such as traditional counseling, medical detoxification, and holistic therapies.

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We Help You Fight Heroin Addiction

You or someone you love who has a heroin addiction can obtain the treatment they need for a full recovery. You don’t have to fight the problem alone or suffer with the mental, physical and emotional damage that this drug causes. Contact us today at We will provide the resources and information you need to find the right treatment in your area.

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