Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Maine

Facts About Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a drug that is processed from the opiate morphine. People develop an addiction to this drug because it can cause an euphoric rush in their minds and bodies that can take away feelings of anger, sadness, or pain. Unfortunately, people develop a tolerance to heroin where they have to take bigger doses by either injecting it into a vein, sniffing it or smoking it. Back in 2002, 182,000 people were addicted to heroin. In eleven years, the number of people who were dependent on heroin more than tripled to 517,000 in 2013.

Getting Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin can cause a number of mental and physical health problems. People can experience bacterial infections, lung problems, kidney disease, lung disease, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis C and B. A person taking heroin can also overdose on the drug when taking more and more to feel the pleasurable rush, as 8,257 people die from drug-poisoning. In the state of Maine, people can take action by admitting themselves into heroin addiction treatment facilities. An average 1,607 people per 100,000 population in the state of Maine admit themselves for heroin substance abuse treatment. Inpatient treatment has been proven to give the most benefits to patients, as they can undergo detoxification, medical treatment, traditional therapies, alternative therapies and family counseling.

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Heroin Rehab Facilities In Maine

Spring Harbor Hospital

At Spring Harbor Hospital, they are offering new hope to patients who have a heroin addiction. The staff will offer detoxification methods to fight the addiction as well as mental health services. Since people may respond to treatment differently from others, the Spring Harbor Hospital provides holistic and alternative therapies to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle where people can find happiness without turning to drugs. The center is located in Westbrook as they also offer special programs for the hearing impaired.

PARC Program Penobscot Bay Medical Center

By offering a wide range of services, the PARC Program Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport can offer help to a wide range of people who may have varying medical issues when they are seeking substance abuse treatment. The hearing impaired and people who have been dual diagnosed with a mental health issue can find the perfect treatment for themselves such as detoxification, buprenorphine and suboxone treatments, dual diagnosis treatment and substance abuse services. They offer alternative and holistic therapy methods that may include recreational therapies, acupuncture, yoga or nutritional fitness.

MaineGeneral Residential Services For Women

When a person requires treatment that goes beyond the shorter residential 30-day programs, patients can seek substance abuse care at the MaineGeneral Residential Services For Women center. The center provides long-term residential inpatient care that can range from 60 days up to 90 days as women and people who are the hearing impaired can obtain substance abuse services as well as suboxone and buprenorphine treatment. Therapies offered by nurses and other medical professionals at the center in Augusta include alternative and holistic strategies.

Catholic Charities Maine Saint Francis House Extended Shelter

Men who are in an inpatient treatment program offered by the Catholic Charities Maine Saint Francis House Extended Shelter can find a structured environment and rely on the strength from their peers to help them build up their confidence to stop the heroin addiction. The shelter offers 60 days up to 120 days of residential inpatient programs as their care focuses on suboxone and buprenorphine treatment as well as substance abuse services. The shelter is located in Auburn, Maine as they also provide halfway houses and sober living facilities to help men transition into aftercare addiction treatment.

Maine Residents Can Abstain From Heroin Use

It can feel lonely when a person is dealing with a substance addiction such as heroin. Sometimes it can feel like nobody understands how hard it is to fight the addiction. Yet we understand and are here to help. Contact us at RehabCenter.net today. We can provide the information on treatment services in your location to fight the heroin addiction for good.

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