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Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Iowa

For someone who is addicted to heroin, the thought of life without the drug brings feelings of intense depression. Individuals addicted to this drug often get to a point where they cannot imagine life without it. Also, because of the way the drug interacts with the body, it continues to require an increased dose of the drug for the individual to get the “high” from heroin. This, in turn, makes the cravings for the drug even higher.

Unfortunately, this all adds up to create an overwhelming addiction, making heroin one of the most addictive drugs in the country. Soon, all the addicted individual can think about is the next fix, finding money for the next fix and getting release from the inner turmoil that a life of addiction creates.

Because of the strong addiction created with heroin use, the number of deaths in the United States from heroin overdose has doubled since 2000. The greatest increase was seen in the Midwest. While numbers of people struggling with addiction to heroin are increasing, unfortunately in Iowa, the number of people getting help is still low. In 2012, just 401 people who checked into drug treatment facilities reported heroin as their primary addiction. This number means many more are left without proper treatment and continue to struggle with addiction.

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Understanding the Recovery Process for Heroin

For the heroin user, the recovery process can be an intense one. Detoxing from the drug can create flu-like symptoms and an intense desperation for the drug, followed by periods of depression. This can leave the individual in intense physical and emotional pain.

Once the detox process is over, and the physical symptoms have subsided, the individual must move on with addressing the psychological and emotional struggles caused by the drug and the underlying triggers. Then, building a life where triggers do not cause an immediate relapse.

Treatment for heroin addiction can be inpatient or outpatient in nature. It often involves medical supervision during the detox process, therapy, counseling and a focus on finding new hobbies or interests to help the individual learn to think without the pull of the drug. Often, dual-diagnosis treatment, which treats the addiction and the mental health issues the individual has, can be a helpful tool as well.

Get Help Finding Iowa Heroin Treatment Facilities

Finding an inpatient facility that specializes in heroin treatment may not be easy. If you are serious about getting help for yourself or someone you love, contact us at Our experienced team at will be able to find a treatment facility near you. With the right treatment facility, it is possible to get help for heroin addiction, giving access to a life free from addiction.

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