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Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Idaho

For those struggling with heroin, finding the best treatment can be very important for recovery. Finding the right treatment, however, requires patients and their loved ones to develop a strong understanding of this type of substance abuse problem and what to expect during the recovery period.

Understanding Heroin Dependence

Like other opiates, heroin block the part of the brain that is able to sense pain. It produces a ‘rush’ and a sense of euphoria. Heroin can be particularly addicting because it acts on the brain very quickly and produces the high within moments of the person taking the drug. As the person regularly uses the drug, it will cause changes in the brain, forcing the person to use increasing amounts of the drug to produce the same sensations.

As patients begin to use heroin more and more, it will become easier for their loved ones to spot signs of the substance abuse problems Patients will often begin wearing long sleeves, even in hot weather, to cover up the appearance of track marks. They will also often lose weight and become increasingly hostile towards those who love them. Patients often find themselves neglecting their basic hygiene and begin to withdrawal from their community while showing little to no interest in past hobbies. Infections where the drug has been injected also become common. Patients often find themselves stealing from those around them, which further deteriorates their relationships.

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Heroin Treatment

When a patient first enters rehab, they will often first have to go through a period of detox. Detoxification is the process by which the drugs leave the body. When patients go through this step, they will find that the psychological need to use the drug becomes extremely strong, if not unbearable. At the same time, they will often begin experiencing physical side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, intense muscle aches, chills and other sources of discomfort.

For patients who have been using the drug for a very long time, as well as those with other medical conditions, the detoxification process can be dangers as well. For these reasons, detoxification is often most successful when the patient is surrounded by helpful and experienced medical staff who can help ensure that everything is progressing well. The need for constant supervision to ensure that the patient can overcome the urges is one of the reasons that inpatient treatment is often recommended for heroin addicts.

Once the patient has successfully rid the disease from their bodies, thee will then be able to progress with the treatment. Some rehabs will use medication to help patients safely complete the detoxification effort with minimal discomfort or pain. Once patients have completed their detoxification, they can then begin participating in a variety of different types of behavioral therapies that are designed to help motivate them to live a healthy future. These therapies often help them learn how to better handle stress and resist the temptations to use the drug.

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For patients and loved ones’ facing a heroin substance abuse problem, finding the right treatment and understanding the nature of the disease can be intimidating. Those interested in learning more about the available treatment options should contact us at We can help patients find the answers they seek and find the best heroin rehab center in Idaho.

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