Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Delaware

Dangers Of Heroin Addiction

Heroin and other opiates can cause physical and mental instability for anyone who uses them. When a person is dealing with negative emotions or stress in their life, those who abuse or are addicted to drugs often feel that their drug of choice gives them a temporary sense of pleasure and a way to avoid their problems. In the United States, there are around 517,000 people who have a dependency on heroin.

Unfortunately, the rush of pleasure that people feel can lessen as they develop a tolerance for it. So they will take more and more of the drug. This addiction causes a range of problems to a person’s life as it can break up relationships, put financial hardships on them as they spend more money to get the drug, and cause physical damage such as lung disease, liver disease, bacterial infections, lung problems like pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis. Many people overdose on heroin as in 2013 there were 8,257 deaths caused by heroin drug poisoning.

Finding Treatment For Heroin Addiction

In the state of Delaware, an average 2,212 people per 100,000 population admit themselves into treatment facilities to obtain heroin addiction treatment services. One of the widely successful treatment methods offered is inpatient treatment such as detoxification, medication treatment, counseling, and other therapy strategies where a patient stays in a structured environment at the facility. This type of comprehensive care helps people deal with the withdrawal symptoms and develop strategies used to cope with the stress in their lives. By successfully managing the substance abuse addiction, people can abstain from taking heroin as they rebuild relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

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Delaware Inpatient Addiction Treatment Facilities

North East Treatment Centers Kirkwood Detoxification Center

Christians who are looking to end the drug addiction can find treatment services at the North East Treatment Centers Kirkwood Detoxification Center. The center located in Wilmington provides partial inpatient hospitalization focused on battling the withdrawal symptoms to lessen the desire to take drugs. The staff offers medical treatment services, such as buprenorphine and suboxone, along with detoxification, substance abuse treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment for people who have been assessed with co-occurring mental health issues. In addition to partial inpatient hospitalization, other care services that are provided include day treatment, holistic therapy, alternative therapy, and work programs.

Corinthian House

Men need a structured environment free of the temptation and stress in their daily lives, so they can completely focus on the therapy they need. The Corinthian House in Georgetown offers special inpatient addiction treatment programs for men where they can obtain residential long-term care that can last anywhere from 60 to 120 days. The staff will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate substance abuse treatment strategies that will offer the highest level of success for their recovery. The Corinthian House also provides aftercare treatment services, such as sober living facilities and halfway houses, to help men transition back into a happy and healthy lifestyle in their communities.

Connections CSP Inc. Cornerstone Residential

Sometimes drug addiction problems can cover up mental health issues that will not be addressed when a person seeks treatment. The Connections CSP Inc. Cornerstone Residential Center in Delaware City provides comprehensive evaluations of their patients to provide full inpatient treatment services for substance abuse addiction as well as mental health problems. Patients take part in long-term residential treatment where they will be provided substance abuse care or dual diagnosis addiction care that offers a mix of substance abuse treatment and mental health services. Alternative therapies and holistic therapies are also some of the treatment strategies offered at the facility.

Meadow Wood Behavioral Health System

People who are living in the Newcastle area of Delaware can find inpatient treatment services at the Meadow Wood Behavioral Health System. The center has special programs for the hearing impaired and for people who have co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. Inpatient partial hospitalization, day treatment, holistic therapies, alternative care, and work programs are many of the services that the center provides. People will undergo detoxification to help stop the continued drug use as mental health care and substance abuse services will build up their confidence and strength to successfully manage their daily stress so they will not return to a life of drugs.

Inpatient Treatment Can Fight The Heroin Addiction

You do not have to live another day under the control of drugs. There is treatment available to address the drug problems and the reasons why you feel the need to take them. RehabCenter.net can provide information about the different types of addiction treatment services available near you so you can find the right care. Contact us today and get your life back on track.

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