Top 7 Free Or Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Wyoming

Accepting the possible need for drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation can be stressful without addressing the financial aspect. The facilities below include low-cost and free substance abuse treatment locations in Wyoming.

The Top 7 Best Free Or Low-Cost Addiction Treatment Centers In Wyoming

Wyoming has one of the lowest populations of any state in the US, but the state still maintains averages of substance abuse that are similar to the rest of the country. Alcohol abuse continues to be significant issue in the state, and illicit drug use is on the rise.

One of the more significant issues that Wyoming has had to address in recent years is prescription drug use. There is data that supports the idea that a person who has become dependent on their prescription runs out of medication, they will seek cheaper, illicit drugs to replace them.

Federal funding isn’t as readily available in Wyoming as it is in other states. Substance abuse treatment facilities rely on additional funds through private donations, state agencies, and company donations to reduce the cost of addiction treatment services.

Because funding comes from multiple sources, it is common for facilities to run out of funding for their indigent programs and low-cost options. Finding a facility that is affordable can sometimes be a timing issue.

Currently, this list includes several drug and alcohol treatment options in Wyoming that are low-cost or free.

1. Hot Springs County Counseling Service

121 S. 4th St.
Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443

Hot Springs offers outpatient substance abuse services to individuals in need of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. These services include:

  • assessment
  • individual counseling sessions
  • group therapy
  • consults and referrals to inpatient locations
  • evaluations

This location accepts several different insurances, both private and state. Cash pay clients are charged for treatment using an income based sliding scale, making services low-cost and often free.

2. Wyoming Recovery

231 S. Wilson St.
Casper, Wyoming 82601

Wyoming Recovery provides one-on-one substance abuse treatment interventions to clients in an outpatient setting. Each person receives an individualized treatment plan, and includes a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Services are offered at low cost, and payment options are available. Loans are offered through a third party, sliding scales are used, and insurance is accepted at Wyoming Recovery.

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3. Personal Frontiers

310 S. Miller Ave
Gillette, Wyoming 82716

Outpatient treatment is offered through Personal Frontiers for individuals in need of substance abuse treatment and mental health services. The options include:

  • motivational interviewing
  • trauma focused therapy
  • anger management services
  • relapse prevention
  • aftercare
  • case management

Payment options for cash pay clients are determined using a sliding scale based on income and ability to pay.

4. Peak Wellness Center, Substance Abuse Services

1954 W. Mariposa Parkway
Wheatland, Wyoming 82201

Peak Wellness Center has locations across Wyoming to provide substance abuse and mental health services in Goshen, Albany, Laramie, and Platte counties.

Comprehensive substance abuse treatment services are provided at Peak Wellness in a variety of options, which include:

  • developing a treatment plan unique to the individual
  • outpatient services
  • support groups
  • group therapy
  • individual counseling
  • aftercare

Peak Wellness receives funding from private donations, state and federal funding agencies. Additionally, Peak Wellness works with many city and community agencies to provide easy transition back into the community.

The relationships with these agencies allows Peak Wellness to offer substance abuse treatment at affordable cost. Using an income based sliding scale, Peak Wellness services are low-cost and, in some cases, free of charge.

5. Cedar Mountain Center, West Park Hospital

707 Sheridan Ave.
Cody, Wyoming 82414

Operating within West Park Hospital, Cedar Mountain Center offers inpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment for up to 16 individuals at one time, as well as outpatient addiction treatment services.

Cedar Mountain has a low resident to staff ratio, increasing the individualized treatment that is the center of their treatment approach. They also acknowledge that substance abuse and addiction affect multiple elements of life, and work with clients toward resolution.

Cash pay clients work with staff to determine cost of treatment and develop a treatment plan. There are also discounts and grants to help offset the cost of substance abuse treatment.

6. Curran Seeley Foundation

610 West Broadway
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Curran Seeley Foundation addresses substance abuse and addiction treatment through its many services offered to those who struggle with addiction. Programs include:

  • consultations
  • outpatient services
  • co-occurring program
  • intensive outpatient (IOP) counseling
  • aftercare
  • continuing care
  • violence prevention

Using an income based sliding scale, services are offered to people in need, regardless of ability to pay. Some individuals will qualify for a low-cost, monthly payment arrangement, some will receive services free of charge.

Harbor House Recovery Centers is divided into Gateway Recovery Center for Women and Harbor Recovery Center for Men. Creating two separate facilities allows for recovery to be the main focus and provides gender-specific treatment to both men and women separately.

The Gateway Center for Women also provides specialized services for women in treatment for substance abuse who are also pregnant or have children under the age of six. Women enrolled in these services are allowed to bring their children along into this residential program located within the Keystone House on the grounds of the Gateway Center.

Harbor House Recovery accepts most insurance policies and for those who are uninsured or underinsured, payment arrangements can be made on a sliding scale, depending on income and need.

7. High Country Behavioral Health Pinedale

389 Adams St.
Afton, Wyoming 83110

Operating as both a behavioral health and substance abuse treatment outpatient clinic, High Country is open to people in need of addiction rehabilitation services, mental health treatment, and combinations of the two.

Some of the methods include:

  • anger management
  • motivational interviewing
  • behavioral therapy
  • relapse prevention

Income based sliding scales are used for those who show a need for financial assistance. Cost may be reduced, making services low cost or free.

Wyoming Offers Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Locating free or low-cost substance abuse treatment can be difficult in Wyoming. Going through treatment options and different rehab centers can take a lot of time that could be better spent. Please let us to help you find services that can help you or your loved one, and contact us today.

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