Top 11 Free Or Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Virginia

Accepting that there is a need for a substance abuse treatment program is hard enough on its own, without the burden of finding a facility that fits within budget. The following is a list of the top 11 free or low-cost substance abuse treatment centers in Virginia.

The Top 11 Best Free Or Low-Cost Addiction Treatment Centers In Virginia

Virginia has developed a program referred to as ARTS (Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services) that helps everyone in need of substance abuse treatment to obtain services. This Medicaid program has increased coverage for addiction treatment services annually.

While this program works well for those already receiving benefits, it may make it more difficult for someone seeking affordable addiction treatment who may not be aware of the program. Additionally, there are other options that can reduce the cost of treatment to more affordable rates.

Virginia offers a variety of substance abuse treatment options and locations for people struggling with addiction. This list has current options for drug and alcohol treatment at low-cost or free rates.

1. Glenbeigh Hospital and Outpatient Centers

2863 State Rte. 45
Rock Creek, Virginia 25174

Glenbeigh offers several gender-specific approaches to substance abuse treatment. As a comprehensive addiction treatment center, Glenbeigh Hospital and Outpatient Centers provide options for the following:

  • medically supervised detox
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • inpatient treatment
  • long-term residential treatment
  • outpatient services
  • relapse prevention
  • family education workshops

In addition to traditional substance abuse treatment, Glenbeigh also offers specialized treatment programs that have individualized unique approaches to substance abuse treatment for the following demographics:

  • helping professionals
  • business executives
  • chronic pain patients
  • co-occurring diagnosis

Cost of treatment varies between clients, but fees may be discounted for those without insurance or underinsured. There are financial assistance plans in addition to payment plan options.

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2-6. Phoenix House

Various Programs
Arlington, Virginia

Providing drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation services in a variety of Arlington locations, the Phoenix House offers treatment to men and women of all ages and demographics. The following are locations and descriptions of Arlington Phoenix Houses.

Phoenix House Nuevo Dia is a culturally-responsive program offered to individuals who are Spanish speaking and in need of substance abuse treatment.

Phoenix House Re-Entry this is a transitional living option for men who have recently completed a residential treatment program and are in need of additional substance abuse counseling or supervision.

Phoenix House Arlington is a men’s residential drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center. This flagship program has been serving Virginian men since 1962

Phoenix Center Counseling Center provides outpatient substance abuse treatment services, long term support care, and assessments to adults and adolescents struggling with addiction and recovery

Phoenix House Independence House offers sober living to men and women who have just completed an inpatient addiction treatment program. Continued treatment is important to those in early stages of recovery and Independence House offers that to residents.

Phoenix House Demeter House is a residential treatment facility for women who may be mothers. These women may be pregnant or have a child that is able to come to rehab with their mother.

Phoenix Girl’s Recovery Lodge using a twelve-step based program, this Phoenix House location provides substance abuse treatment to adolescent girls in a residential setting. Up to 12 girls can be housed at the Recovery Lodge at one time.

The substance abuse treatment programs provided by Phoenix House vary in cost, but most are available through a sliding scale or financial assistance, for those who meet criteria.

8. WTCSB Franklin Center

200 East 2nd Ave
Franklin, Virginia 23851

The Western Tidewater Community Services Board offers substance abuse treatment programs in an outpatient setting. Services include:

  • alcohol safety action program
  • outpatient medical detoxification
  • drug and alcohol abuse counseling
  • case management

Priority enrollment is granted to women who are pregnant and struggling with addiction and those who use IV (intravenous) drugs. Cost of treatment is sliding scale based, making substance abuse treatment from WTCSB Franklin Center low-cost or free for some clients.

9. Norfolk Community Services Board, Substance Abuse Services

7460 Tidewater Dr.
Norfolk, Virginia 23505

Norfolk Community Services offers outpatient substance abuse services through several different programs at their Norfolk location. The drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs offered through Norfolk Community include:

  • outpatient
  • detox
  • supportive housing
  • women’s recovery
  • program for pregnant women
  • residential treatment

Fees for treatment are based on a sliding scale for those who display need for financial assistance.

10. Fairfax Detox Center

4213 Walney Rd.
Chantilly, Virginia 20151

This short-term residential facility offers medical and social detox services in addition to substance abuse treatment. The Fairfax Detox Center offers comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation by providing the following options as a part of their program, including:

  • acupuncture
  • health and wellness services
  • assess for need of additional substance abuse treatment services
  • case management
  • referral services
  • introduction to twelve-step program

All substance abuse treatment services from Fairfax Detox Center are made affordable by utilizing an income based sliding scale. The scale is available to anyone who shows a need for financial assistance.

11. Falls Church Community Service Board Reston Youth Services

1850 Cameron Glen Drive
Reston, Virginia 20190

Falls Church has created a variety of services for adolescents in need of mental health or substance abuse services. These programs are provided to individuals who are struggling with addiction or substance abuse.

Falls church also offers several payment options for those show an inability to pay or do not have health insurance. There are income based sliding scales as well as financial charity care that can reduce cost of treatment to an affordable rate, and possibly even free.

Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Virginia

It isn’t always easy to find a drug and alcohol rehab facility that meets all the needs of you or your loved one. Being able to have a source that can sift through all the options to give you a list of locations that can meet your criteria may be invaluable. Let us be that source, reach out to us today and let us help you find the help you or your loved one has been looking for.

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - Virginia Funding Summary FY 2017

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