Top 13 Free Or Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Vermont

Substance abuse treatment options that are low-cost, affordable, or even free can be hard to find. The list below includes several drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Vermont that are considered low-cost or free.

The Top 13 Best Free Or Low-Cost Addiction Treatment Center Available In Vermont

Federal funding allocated for substance abuse treatment in the state of Vermont tripled from 2017 to 2018. Just over $12 million of the $19 million substance abuse grant was focused on substance abuse rehabilitation.

Less than a decade ago, in 2013, Vermont had the highest rate of illicit drug use in the nation. Around that time, Vermont started putting data together to explore illicit drug use, overdose, and rehab facilities in the state.

Vermont made some interesting finds in 2015, such as:

  • many people who accidentally overdosed on prescription opioids also had prescriptions for benzodiazepines,
  • opioid accidental overdose victims also had prescriptions for sedatives
  • 68 of the 75 opioid accidental overdose victims had 368 providers writing prescriptions for them, averaging about 5 different providers per person

Statistics are revealing that more individuals are seeking substance abuse treatment than previous years. This increase in positive, but there are still many individuals who need treatment who are unable to attend due to several reasons, cost being a big factor.

The following substance abuse treatment providers offer low-cost and free rehabilitation to those in need of treatment who are unable to pay private substance abuse treatment facility costs.

1-5. Phoenix House RISE

Vermont – Various Locations

Phoenix Houses RISE (Recovery in an Independent, Sober Environment) program has several locations in Vermont that offer transitional living and recovery support programs to adults in need of continued substance abuse treatment rehabilitation.

Length of treatment is dependent on individual needs and can range from three to twelve months time. Phoenix House RISE has the following five transitional living locations:

  • transitional living for women in Brattleboro
  • sober living for men in Bellow’s Falls, Brattleboro, Burlington, and Barre

In addition to these RISE residential locations, Phoenix House also offers the Tapestry program for women in need of substance abuse treatment who have been furloughed, and a women’s community program in South Burlington.

Phoenix House RISE program offers these services for a low-cost fee for residents, and insurance is accepted.

6-9. BAART Behavioral Health Services, Central Vermont Addiction Medicine

617 Comstock Rd.
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Treatment programs offered through BAART Behavioral Health combine evidence-based, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. This allows them to offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment across the nation, and in the following Vermont locations:

  • St. Johnsbury
  • St. Albans
  • Berlin
  • Newport

BAART Behavioral Health accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and if criteria is met, a sliding scale to make treatment affordable, low-cost, and free in some cases.

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10. Howard Center Substance Abuse Treatment Services

172 Fairfield St.
St. Albans, Vermont 05478

Howard Center offers both substance abuse and mental health treatment services, using evidence-based interventions and comprehensive care. The following drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation options are available:

  • medication-assisted treatment
  • substance abuse counseling
  • educational workshops
  • syringe exchange
  • overdose prevention
  • housing support
  • case management

All individuals seeking services from Howard Center will be assisted by a case manager to determine which programs they are eligible for. This process also includes exploring payment options for those who do not have insurance, including an income-based sliding scale.

11. Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services

1025 Airport Drive
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Centerpoint provides an array of services for adolescents at two locations in Vermont, one in South Burlington and the other in Winooski, and also provide home and on-site options.

Treatment options offered by Centerpoint create a holistic approach for substance abuse and mental health treatment. These programs include:

  • outpatient counseling
  • family and parent support
  • intensive outpatient (IOP)
  • art therapy
  • group therapy
  • gender-affirmative treatment
  • trauma-focused therapy
  • intervention services
  • life skill training
  • prevention/aftercare

Fees for service are based on income on a sliding scale and ability to pay. Additional financial support may be available upon request.

12. Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services

100 Hospitality Dr.
Barre, Vermont 05641

Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services (CVSAS) operates as a substance abuse assessment agency as well as an outpatient substance abuse treatment center and a referral service. Depending on the services a person requires, they may remain at CVSAS or be referred to another substance abuse treatment location.

CVSAS also provides MAT services for those who are opioid dependent and residents of Washington, Lamoille, and Orange counties in Vermont.

Another pivotal program from CVSAS is the Gifford Area Recovery Program (GARP). GARP provides services to opioid addicted pregnant women. Each referral is addressed within 24 hours of GARP receiving the referral.

CVSAS offers these substance abuse treatment options using an income based sliding scale, and in some cases, treatment may be free of charge, or low-cost.

13. Serenity House

98 Church St.
Wallingford, Vermont 05773

Serenity House is a non-profit residential substance abuse treatment center. Services include medically supervised detox, therapy, education groups, vocational workshops, housing assistance, and case management.

Detox from opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines are all available at Serenity House.

Fees for service are based on a sliding scale, and payment assistance options are available.

Vermont Offers Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Vermont has been diligently focused on substance abuse, since ranking highest in the country for several years in recent history. Increases in funding have helped those in need gain access to much-needed services. Currently, it can seem difficult to locate a treatment center that offers treatment at low-cost or free rates.

Let us help. Reach out to us today so we can find a facility to help you or your loved one start the next new phase of life, one that includes sobriety.

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