Top 20 Free Or Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Pennsylvania

Deciding to enter a substance abuse treatment program can seem like a daunting task. Making sure the program is affordable doesn’t need to add unnecessary stress to the situation. The following locations offer free or low-cost drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Pennsylvania.

The Top 20 Best Free Or Low-Cost Addiction Treatment Centers In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania received over $211 million in federal funding dedicated to substance abuse treatment in 2018. This amount is more than double what was granted in 2017. The increase in funding was likely a direct response to the number of overdose deaths related to opioids having skyrocketed in recent years.

Overdose deaths from synthetic opioids has increased tenfold since 2010, and all other categories have increased as well. In an attempt to thwart the opioid crisis spreading across Pennsylvania, funding had to increase.

Recognizing the need to treat additional factors that surround addiction has shown an increase in sustained sobriety. Several treatment facilities now address areas such as trauma, homelessness, poverty, educational limitations, job placement, living with illnesses that were a result of drug use (HIV/Hep), and struggles with parenting, in addition to substance abuse treatment.

With all the recent changes, updates, and increases in availability, it is no easy task to locate a facility that meets all the needs of the individual seeking rehabilitation. Especially when the person needing rehabilitation can only afford a low-cost or free treatment option.

Currently, this is an up to date list of locations that offer comprehensive, holistic, quality drug and alcohol abuse treatment at affordable, low-cost, and sometimes free rates.

1. New Image Gaudenzia

1300 E Tulpehocken St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138

New Image Gaudenzia is a substance abuse rehabilitation provider for men, women, and children of all ages. However, preferential treatment is offered to women with children and pregnant women struggling with addiction to help them become substance free.

The following programs are offered at New Image:

  • adult residential
  • mental health residential
  • traditional outpatient
  • intensive outpatient (IOP)
  • adolescent outpatient
  • partial hospitalization
  • transitional housing
  • permanent housing

Assessments and detox can be completed at three locations across Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Erie, and Bristol). Once completed, a case manager will evaluate and find placement in substance abuse treatment.

Services offered at New Image Gaudenzia are free to those who meet criteria. Otherwise, a sliding scale is used to make treatment low-cost and affordable.

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2-5. Interim House

333 W. Upsal St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119

Interim House offers a variety of structured activities daily as part of a residential drug and alcohol treatment program for women. Learning to live sober and develop skill sets to maintain a new lifestyle are key elements to Interim House.

Using a holistic approach, Interim House is able to offer standard substance abuse treatment, as well as health, nutrition, educational, vocational, spirituality, parenting, and personal growth courses.

Interim House is a women’s only program, however, several other options are available. In addition to residential addiction rehabilitation locations, Interim offers traditional and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for both men and women.

The following are also residential substance abuse treatment facilities that are available through Interim House programs:

  • The Bridge Clinic contains a residential substance abuse program for adolescents. This location also offers an education and vocational training center for youths.
  • The Bridge Step-Down is a sober living option for women with children in recovery. As a transitional housing option, these individuals can focus on sustained sobriety in a supervised environment.
  • Interim House West is a residential treatment facility for women with children and women who are pregnant.

The facilities operated by Interim House are non-profit and many services are provided free of charge. An income based sliding scale is used to determine fees for treatment, generally making most Interim House programs low-cost and in some cases free.

6-20. Resources for Human Development

1020 N. 48th St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131

Resources for Human Development (RHD) provides behavioral health treatment options, including addiction treatment, across the country. The following are options in Pennsylvania.

  • Cedar Park offers substance abuse treatment to women struggling with mental illness and homelessness.
  • Family House NOW (New Options for Women) is a residential, long-term facility for women with children who are trying to overcome drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness.
  • Family House Norristown offers residential treatment for women battling addiction.
  • Kalio Haven provides drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation to people experiencing homelessness.
  • La Casa is a transitional living option for homeless young people overcoming substance abuse.
  • Misty Harbor provides treatment for up to twelve people who struggling with addiction, mental illness, and have low coping skills.
  • Montgomery County Recovery Center is licensed as a methadone treatment facility, offering medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence.
  • Morris Home is an inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly substance abuse treatment location.
  • N.O.V.A. III can house up to ten individuals who have co-occurring diagnosis, in need of treatment for substance abuse and mental illness.
  • New Start I offers substance abuse treatment options for veterans who are also struggling with mental health issues.
  • New Start II at Jackson Street is a long term residential facility that offers intense substance abuse rehabilitation to homeless men.
  • Progress Haven is the only housing and transitional location for homeless couples in the Philadelphia area. Substance abuse treatment is also offered at this location.
  • Rise Above provides outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to the community.
  • Womenspace Ardmore offers substance abuse treatment to women who are chemically dependent.
  • Womenspace Philadelphia focuses on substance abuse treatment for women who chronically battle homelessness and addiction.

All services offered by RHD are available at low-cost, affordable rates. Many drug and alcohol treatment options are free of charge to those in need.

Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Pennsylvania

There are an abundant of substance abuse treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, and locating one that is right for you or your loved one is complicated. When faced with the reality of how drugs and alcohol are affecting the life of someone you love, having help is paramount.

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