Top 10 Free or Low Cost Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers In Arizona

Locating affordable or free drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation services in Arizona can feel like a massive undertaking. We have made a list of the top 10 low cost or free substance abuse treatment facilities in Arizona.

Best 10 Free or Low-Cost Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Arizona

Arizona has many different substance abuse facilities, ranging in price and amenities. It can be overwhelming to find a location that offers the services needed within a strict budget. Even more so if there isn’t a budget at all, and the services are needed for free.

Fortunately, the following rehab facilities are located in Arizona and available for little to no cost to the patient. Treatment centers can use state and county funds, private donation, grants scholarships, and self-sustaining methods to offer these services for free or reduced rates.

It is not uncommon for this list to change or update, because funding can be used up and some locations may suddenly qualify for grants or scholarships, and private donations come available regularly. Currently, these are the top 10 low cost or free drug and alcohol rehab centers available in Arizona.

1. Compass Behavioral Health Care

2475 N Jackrabbit Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85745

Compass Behavioral Health (CBH) has been offering substance abuse rehabilitation for people of all ages in Southern Arizona since 1972. CBH offers outpatient, inpatient, and residential substance abuse treatment options, as well as prevention services and aftercare programs.

The services offered by CBH are specifically designed to reach individuals in the community who are most at risk for exposure to substance abuse and other behavioral problems. They pride themselves in offering quality affordable treatment for both behavioral services and substance abuse rehabilitation programs.

These services include detoxification, early intervention treatment, stabilization programs, residential treatment, counseling, transitional housing, and in some cases, permanent housing. All programs offered by Compass Behavioral Health Care are made affordable by using a sliding scale based on a patient’s ability to pay.

2. Horizon Human Services Substance Abuse Treatment Office

120 Main Street
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Horizon has inpatient services available for detoxification and crisis intervention and offers intensive outpatient services for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Outpatient and residential services offered in Yuma, Pinal, and Gila counties. Horizon also offers habilitation services in Maricopa, Lapaz, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties. Habilitation services operate under the idea that some habits of daily living were not developed in individuals that have struggled with continued substance abuse, and work toward developing those skills to assist in long term sobriety.

Services can be paid for using financial assistance programs or reduced fees based on income and number of household members if insurance is not available to the patient.

3. Chandler Valley Hope

501 N. Washington Street
Chandler, AZ 85225

Chandler Valley Hope is part of a network of 5 substance abuse treatment centers. Chandler Valley Hope provides inpatient treatment for up to 55 people who are struggling with addiction.
A fully functioning drug and alcohol rehab center, Chandler Valley Hope offers detox, counseling, interventions, evaluations, and aftercare to residential clients, and outpatient and aftercare services to those who have completed the program or are determined to not need residential treatment.

Valley Hope treats every person differently, as the needs of each person is different. They believe that paying for treatment should not be more important than getting treatment for substance abuse. They offer many different options for clients, based on their own personal situation, and try to maintain focus on treatment instead of the cost.

4. Guidance Center Substance Abuse

2187 N. Vickey Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

The Guidance Center provides substance abuse treatment services based on the needs of the person seeking treatment. Using a structured approach, The Guidance Center offers group and individual therapy at their Flagstaff location, but also utilizes the surrounding environment to organize outings and promote self-care.

Outpatient services are also available and residential clients are encouraged to attend after completion of the residential program. Substance abuse services are available to everyone over the age of 6.

The Guidance Center offers an income-based sliding scale, as well as state and county funds, and some insurances are accepted.

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5. Banner Thunderbird

5555 W. Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ 85306

Banner Thunderbird provides inpatient services to people struggling with substance abuse. Twelve-step programs are utilized, in addition to a detox program, group, family, and one on one counseling, outpatient therapy, relapse prevention, and aftercare services are all part of the substance abuse program at Banner Thunderbird.

This not for profit health care provider works to provide services specifically to individuals who do not have insurance or do not have adequate insurance. These programs use financial assistance programs and other free services to give quality care to individuals who are seeking sobriety but unsure how they will be able to afford it.

6. Maverick House

7022 N. 48th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301

Maverick House can provide inpatient substance abuse treatment to 29 people at this co-ed facility. This location delivers quality services to adults who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, including those who have an additional diagnosis or may be pregnant. The aftercare program after completion of rehab services is given credit for their self-disclosed low return rates.

This facility accepts federal insurances, like Medicaid, and also uses a sliding scale for self-pay.

Maverick House Sober Living is a facility that offers transitional living for men who are trying to maintain sobriety. This is affiliated with Maverick House but does not operate under the same payment options.

7. Aurora Behavioral Health System West

6015 W. Peoria Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85302

A behavioral hospital that offers substance abuse treatment, including an inpatient detox program with multidisciplinary services and intensive outpatient services for drug and alcohol abuse, Aurora Behavioral Health System West provides services for all ages. Length of stay is determined on an individual basis, and focus remains on preparing the individual for successful, long term sobriety.

Many insurances are accepted, and often, one time agreements can usually be made with out-of-network insurances. Customized payment for individuals who do not have insurance can usually be made on an individual basis.

8. Community Bridges Stabilization & Recovery Unit

5734 E. Hope Lane
Globe, AZ 85501

Referred to as substance abuse transitional facilities, Community Bridges also has locations in Casa Grande, Benson, Holbrook, Payson, and Winslow. These facilities usually provide crisis intervention services, stabilization and introductory treatment therapy to patients. Attempts to relocate clients to another facility for long term treatment will be made if further intervention is deemed necessary.

According to Community Bridges, inability to pay will not result in denial of services. Sliding scale discounts are also offered.

9. NOVA Safe Haven

210 S. 12th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

NOVA Safe Haven is designed to help a specific Phoenix population, those with mental illness, many of whom struggle with substance abuse. The 25 people attending the residential program are treated for their issues and given the tools to become more independent, self-sufficient, and focused on obtaining permanent housing. There is also a day program that has an additional 25 participants

These services are provided at low affordable cost or free of charge.

10. The New Foundation Substance Abuse Treatment

1200 N. 77th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

New Foundation provides a 30-day substance abuse treatment program for youth ages 11 to 17. These children are enrolled in a program that offers 24-hour supervision, while providing intensive substance abuse treatment in a supportive, safe environment, to help promote healthy decisions and life skills. Using cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapeutic approaches, future-oriented journaling and integrating a 12-step program, New Foundation works to improve the clients’ relationship with their family, home, and community.

Clients are offered affordable payment options, and often services are rendered for little to no cost.

Available Free Or Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Arizona

When exploring treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse, it is easy to become discouraged. Making the decision to enter treatment is stressful on its own. Trying to figure out which providers accept which insurances, which ones offer low-cost services, or if you qualify for free services, can all be overwhelming. However, we are here to help.

If you are looking for help to locate a drug and alcohol treatment center in Arizona, contact us today, and we can help you find the provider that will meet your needs.

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