Oregon Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Oregon equine therapy is a great way for individuals to overcome addiction by spending time with and taking care of the horse. This way individuals can learn how to take care of themselves by taking care of another living being.

Understanding Equine Therapy

Animal therapy has been used for decades to promote emotional health and wellness to people of all ages. For example, most people have seen the help that dogs and cats can offer to patients. In addition to these animals, horses will also be used in this holistic therapy to assist people who have a drug addiction and substance abuse disorder. Equine therapy programs target disorders, depression and other mental health issues that people may have with their addiction problems.

In Oregon, an average of 85,000 people use drugs, yet very few get the treatment they need. Holistic therapies such as equine therapy can encourage people to receive the treatment so they can be free of the addiction.

What May Be Offered In Equine Therapy Programs

Substance abuse treatment centers will normally partner with mental health facilities and horse ranches to offer equine therapy programs. These programs consist of tasks given to patients as they may have to groom horses, lead them around the ring to get exercise, or learn how to ride the horses. Each task promotes and grows the patient’s social and mental skills. People can become more social, communicative, trusting and confident in themselves as these benefits help them complete the program.

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Oregon Treatment Centers

CODA Inc Tigard Recovery Center

Substance abuse can often disguise mental illness issues for people, as they need to have special treatment programs designed to tackle both problems so they can receive mental and physical healing. In Tigard, Oregon, the CODA Inc Tigard Recovery Center helps people with their substance abuse so their mental illness can be identified and treated as well. Alternative and holistic treatments in the form or camping, art or equine therapy may be offered at the facility so people can build confidence and emotional growth to stick with other forms of substance abuse programs. The facility also offers short term and long term residential inpatient programs for patients to have a safe environment as they receive treatment. The staff offers specialized programs for men, women, the hearing impaired and people who were court ordered to receive addiction or alcohol treatment.


Holistic treatment can involve a variety of different programs and activities to promote emotional and spiritual well-being as people may engage in camping, hiking or equine therapy. At the ADAPT/Crossroads center located in Roseburg, the center offers holistic, alternative and residential inpatient treatment programs for people with substance abuse and mental illnesses. Special programs are available for men and pregnant/postpartum women. Since family is important for people to heal, the center also offers residential beds for the patient’s children so they can be in a safe environment. If a person is seeking residential inpatient care, they may take part in either short term or long term programs.

Morrison Child and Family Services

At the Morrison Child and Family Services, teens can be in a safe environment while getting specialized treatment for substance abuse and mental illness that is negatively impacting their lives. What makes the center unique is that children can continue to get the education they need while they are getting mental and substance abuse treatment so the child doesn’t fall behind with their studies. Programs may involve holistic and alternative treatment in the form of recreational activities, community events and equine therapy combined with traditional residential inpatient treatment. The center located in Portland welcomes teens up to the age of 18 and people who need dual diagnosis treatment.

Oregon Treatment Information Is Available

Finding facilities in Oregon that offer both substance abuse treatment as well as mental health programs can sometimes be a difficult process if you are trying to locate a facility in a certain region. Contact us at RehabCenter.net, and we can provide a list of available treatment centers, what programs the centers offer, the payment methods they accept and general city information. Let us help you find the treatment program for your physical and mental health needs.

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