Wisconsin Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

Though many people with mental illness get help and learn to manage their symptoms on a day-to-day basis, others develop co-occurring disorders like substance abuse. A person who forms an alcohol or drug addiction while also experiencing some type of mental health disorder is said to have a dual diagnosis disorder. Fortunately, Wisconsin has a variety of dual diagnosis programs available to help individuals get the treatment they need to overcome addiction.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders are those faced by many Americans on a daily basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 6.8 percent of adults over age 18 are currently depressed and 16.1 percent have been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives. The people of Wisconsin reflect those national averages, with 6.7 percent of Wisconsin adults experiencing depression at any given time and 16.4 percent having been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives. Anxiety is also prevalent in Wisconsin, affecting more than 10 percent of the population at some point in their lives.

Dual diagnosis disorder can happen to anyone at any stage of life. Though anyone with mental illness can develop it, certain types of people are at high risk for developing co-occurring addiction and mental illness. Examples include people under severe psychological distress (approximately 2.6 percent of the Wisconsin adult population), as well as postpartum women, of whom 12 percent in Wisconsin report symptoms of depression. Even nursing home residents are at risk for a dual diagnosis disorder, with more than 67 percent of residents over age 65 having at least one mental illness.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that people with mental health disorders who also abuse substances are putting their health at risk and worsening their prognosis for recovery. They are more likely to act impulsively, become violent, and even attempt suicide. They require professional treatment that is far more complicated than addiction or mental health treatments alone. It is important that people who suffer from co-occurring mental illness and addiction seek treatment from a qualified dual diagnosis center – many of which are located in Wisconsin. Locating rehab centers that offer individualized therapy in Wisconsin increases the success rate of recovery for people suffering from a dual diagnosis.

Cities In Wisconsin With Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

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