Washington Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

The symptoms associated with mental illness and addiction can be so complex that many people do not realize that they are battling both diseases at the same time. However, it’s essential that anyone who thinks they might be suffering from mental illness and addiction seek the right type of dual diagnosis rehabilitation center in order to become well again. Allowing the problem to persist can be detrimental to not only the person suffering but also those surrounding friends and loved ones. Washington dual diagnosis rehab centers provide specialized care for patients who have a mental illness while also being addicted to drugs or alcohol. These dual diagnosis centers offer treatment plans that include medical care for the mental illness as well as counseling services to help people work through their conditions simultaneously.

Depression and Anxiety Within the State of Washington

In the State of Washington, clinical depression rates are lower than in many other parts of the country. Recent data shows that less than 7 percent of the population has been diagnosed with clinical depression. At the same time, less than 7 percent of the population has experienced severe psychological distress. While this may be lower than in other states across the country, it is still important that patients understand the relationship between mental illness and addiction. Washington residents reported experiencing 3.0 to 3.4 mentally unhealthy days each month, which is higher than other states. These patients are still prone to addiction, and it’s important to understand the relationship between the two conditions.

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People who suffer from mental illness may be at a higher risk of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, and medical researchers are just now beginning to understand why. In some cases, people suffer from mental illness symptoms and do not recognize them as such. They may self medicate with drugs or alcohol, and become reliant on those substances in order to feel better. In other cases, substance abuse can lead to the onset of mental illness symptoms and conditions. In addition, researchers have found that mental illness symptoms are more severe when a person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Given the complex relationship between mental illness and addiction, it’s important that people recognize that specialized rehab treatment may be necessary. In order to be successful, most patients with mental illness and addiction require the care of dual diagnosis rehab centers.

Why Choose a Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center?

Washington dual diagnosis rehab centers provide patients with specialized care that traditional rehab centers cannot provide. These centers offer physical care and medical treatment for mental illness while also including counseling programs that help people battle their addiction. While working with a dual diagnosis rehab center, patients have the common goal of managing their mental illness symptoms while becoming permanently sober at the same time. Many of these patients have tried traditional rehab centers previously without success, and they are committed to achieving lifelong sobriety while managing their mental illness.

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