94 Texas Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

People who are suffering from mental illness, as well as addiction, may not realize that they require special treatment options that are catered specifically to their needs. In some cases, many people do not realize that they are being affected by both conditions. The state of Texas offers a variety of dual diagnosis treatment facilities to help individuals overcome addiction once and for all.

There is a complicated relationship between mental illness and addiction, and medical researchers and rehab professionals are only beginning to uncover the connections. Dual diagnosis rehab centers provide patients with specialized addiction treatment plans that address both their mental illness conditions as well as their addiction at the same time. Texas dual diagnosis rehab centers are available to people who have both types of diseases, and offer programs specifically tailored to the needs of these patients.

Mental Illness In Texas

Clinical depression is more prevalent in the state of Texas than it is in much of the country. In Texas, nearly 8 to 9 percent of the adult population has been diagnosed with clinical depression. At the same time, between 8 and 9 percent of adults have also reported that they have experienced serious psychological distress at some point in their lives. Government officials, medical professionals and treatment researchers should note that this may lead to an increase in addiction rates in Texas.

People who are depressed or suffering from mental illness are more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Even those who are not considered clinically depressed may be at risk.

Within Texas, residents reported having between 3.4 to 3.7 mentally unwell days each month. One of the biggest reasons that mental illness can lead to addiction is because patients do not always understand or recognize their symptoms as a disease that needs to be treated by a doctor, but rather try to make themselves feel better by self-medicating. They drink alcohol in order to feel better, and end up becoming reliant on substance abuse in order to cope with the symptoms of mental illness.

At the same time, excessive drinking and alcohol abuse can actually increase the severity of their symptoms. In some cases, people do not experience the symptoms of mental illness for the first time until they have experimented with drinking and drugs.

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One of the toughest obstacles to overcome when suffering from addiction and mental illness is communicating about it. Don’t hide your issues, come out and tell someone. Try finding a sponsor or someone you can trust and tell them how you really feel. Communicating is the first step to overcome a dual diagnosis, getting treatment is second.

What Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers Offer

This complex relationship between mental illness and addiction has led Texas rehabilitation specialists to develop unique facilities that provide patients with the treatments they need for both conditions. Addicts who also are battling illness may find themselves unsuccessful at a traditional rehab center, but they will find that a dual diagnosis rehab center is far more beneficial for their needs.

At a dual diagnosis center, patients are able to get the medical treatment that they need for both their mental illness as well as their withdrawal symptoms. They will have the opportunity to enjoy therapy sessions — both private and group sessions — that help them come to terms with their mental illness, their addiction, and the relationship between the two.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers In Texas

In Texas, patients who require a dual diagnosis rehab center will find that they have plenty of options. There are six facilities in Dallas, including Green Oaks at Medical City Dallas. This facility offers dual diagnosis treatment for teen patients, and services include outpatient counseling, inpatient programs and alternative treatment options.

The Center for Success and Independence is one of 10 treatment centers in Houston. This facility also specializes in teen addiction treatment, and provides addiction treatment for people who speak Spanish. This rehab center provides both short- and long-term residential programs.

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Cities In Texas With Dual Diagnosis Rehabs

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