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South Carolina Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

Research shows that those who suffer from mental illness may be more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Rehab specialists recommend that patients who suffer from both mental illness and addiction seek the help of a dual diagnosis rehab center. South Carolina dual diagnosis rehab centers provide patients with the medical care and counseling services they need to help them understand the unique relationship between their two conditions.

Mental Illness in South Carolina

In the State of South Carolina, clinical depression is more prevalent than it is in other parts of the country. More than 8 to 9 percent of residents over the age of 18 have been diagnosed with clinical depression, and more than 8 to 9 percent of adult residents have experienced severe psychological distress in this state. This means that addiction rates will likely be higher within South Carolina than they are in other parts of the country, where the risk of depression is lower.

In addition to these facts, it should be noted that even residents who have not been diagnosed with a clinical mental illness may still be at risk for addiction. Residents reported feeling mentally unfit for between 3.4 and 3.7 days each month, a rate that is higher in this state than other parts of the country.

The Link Between Mental Illness And Addiction

Recent data is proving that mental illness and addiction are connected in more ways than one. In many situations, mental illness leads to addiction because patients are unaware that they have a clinical illness that should be treated with medication by a doctor. Instead, they opt to try and make themselves feel better by drinking alcohol or using drugs, and form a lifelong relationship with substance abuse.

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Scientists are finding that mental illness symptoms actually increase when drugs and alcohol are part of the picture, so it can be dangerous to use these substances to self-medicate. Not to mention, people who are prescribed medications to treat anxiety can wind up addicted to drugs like Xanax and Valium. In other cases, a person begins to experience mental illness symptoms as a result of excessive drinking or drug abuse. The first symptoms can appear because a person is drunk or high, which can complicate the relationship between mental illness and addiction.

The  Importance Of Working With A Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center

Patients who believe they may be considered a dual diagnosis patient should understand the importance of working with a dual diagnosis rehab center during their recovery process. These are the only type of addiction treatment centers that provide treatment for both mental illness and addiction at the same time.

This is often the only way to achieve permanent sobriety and success during the recovery process. An inpatient dual diagnosis rehab center offers a specialized set of services, including medical care for mental illness as well as counseling to help people manage their emotions and feelings associated with being a dual diagnosis patient.

Cities With Dual Diagnosis Programs In South Carolina

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